Upton Sinclair

"They use everything about the hog, excet the sequel"

Upton Sinclair

" Can you not see that the task is your task- yours to dream, yours to resolve, yours to execute?"

-The Jungle

Early Life

Upton Sinclair was born September 20th, 1878 in Baltimore Maryland. He had an alcoholic father and was born into an extremely poor family. Sinclair attended the New York City College at age 14. He published many newspapers, books and magazines during his studies. By age 17, Sinclair moved out of his house.

The Jungle

Progressive and Accomplishments

What makes Upton a Progressive?

February 26th, 1906, Upton Sinclair had published a book 'The Jungle' which mainly focused on him exposing the problems in the Meat packing Industries. The factories were unsanitary and people lost fingers. This book eventually led to president Theodore Roosevelt to pass the Food and Drug act, to have the meat checked and sanitized.

Accomplishments of Upton Sinclair

The Jungle- February 26th, 1906

Ran against to become governor and lost by 259,083 votes

Why I researched Upton Sinclair

Due to the problems in the factory, I found it quite interesting that in the meat packing industries had many problems with them and Upton Sinclair pointed them out and published a book about it. I wanted to know more on that certain time era and Upton Sinclair was just the man I needed to search upon.