Human Body News

Update on the Heart

I know that we have some information on the heart. But after this section you will have a full understanding about your heart. Lets began by saying that the heart is the most important organ in your body. Now lets pull this part. Your heart has many different parts to it. It has four different chambers to it. The left and right atrium, also the left and right ventricle. These chambers help move and store the blood. You also have many different vales. There is the superior vena cava, the aorta, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, pulmonary veins, and the inferior vena cava. Now lets see how blood moves in and out the heart. When you breath in oxygen is sucked into the blood, then carried to the heart. After a beat or two, the blood is moved into the blood veins. When the blood is poor of oxygen, it is moved back to the heart. Then moved to the lugs, so the co2 can be removed from the body.

Have you every heard someone one say something about a heart attcked. That is when the blood can not reach the heart because of a blocked blood vessel. Plaque can block a blood vessel and when that happens it really about. If the plaque is not removed then you could die.

How To Keep Your Skeleton Well

Have you ever had a broken bone? Have you ever had a hairline fracture?

When you brake a bone, it really hurts. And to make it heal the doctors put you in a cast. Am I right? You see they do this so your bone can heal in the right place. If it heals funny then it won't feel or look right. Then when you get out of the cast the doctors tell you to eat and drink things with a lot of calcium. You want to know why, because your bones need calcium to stay strong and well.

Do you know what foods have calcium in it? Well I'll tell you, milk, yogurt, and cheese have a great source of calcium. But you can also get calcium from many different places.

Why do we need a skeleton?

We need a skeleton so we can stand, move, and so our organs are protected. If we didn't have a skeleton then we would not be able to walk and our organs would have a good change of being damaged.

The Basic on the Muscles

Why do we need muscles?

We need muscles so we can walk, run, and jump. Muscles cover the bones that we have in our body. Like the skeleton has many bones, there is many muscles. And they all work together.

What happens when we do something to our muscles?

Like the skeleton, muscles can get hurt to. You can pull a muscle. When you do that its like braking a rubber band. When you do that, it is best to that it easy and wait until it heals.

How do we keep our muscles well?

You keep your muscles well by eat and drink thing with a lot of nutrients. You can eat meat, fruit, and veges. That is the best way to keep your muscles well.

Food Alert

Now we all know that it is important to keep your body in shape. But you might not know hoe important it is. When you eat right you will have a lot of energy for the day. If you eat something that is not good for you, you will feel slow and tried all day long. You want to know why, because foods like fruits and veges have nutrients that your body need for the day. When you have the right amount you will be able to go for the gold.

Sports Section

Now I know how much you guys like sports, but did you know that getting out and staying active it is really good for you. If you just go out side and play for 60 mins. a day then you are set for life.

I f you play sports then that is great. Dancing, soccer, football, volleyball, and many other sports that keep you active are really great.

Just don't for get when staying active for that long, you might need to eat a good healthy snack. If you need help with that, Just use the My Plate to help you.