Williamsburg Girls Soccer

The Constitution

What we do

We play soccer. On our team we work together on and off the field. Winning is great, but we strive to improve. A win will come when we really work for it and deserve it. We support each other and build close, lasting friendships in the process, but most importantly we play soccer.

The basics

We use the basic skills like the pass the dribble and the shot. We have 11 players on the field at a time. On defense: goalie, sweeper, right wing, left wing, and stopper. four midfielders and on offense: two strikers. This is a democracy and will be treated like one. The head of our organization is of course is Head Coach Tim Jones, next in command is Assistant Coach Lauren Schaefer. We then have our captains who are voted on prior to the season. If a captain or coach is not available a senior is in charge. The seniors are there for guidance and support. The rest are just valued members of the team. Everyone on the team is encouraged to voice their opinion in a respectful way.

What we promise

We promise to provide positive support. We promise to work hard and do our best to not let you down. We will make every season more fun than the last and will always be there on and off the field.
  1. It is expected that we all want to be at practice and games.
  2. You may not like everyone on the team, but you will treat them with respect.
  3. We do not swear or use foul language.
  4. Attendance is mandatory!

If anyone fails to follow these rules punishments will be given. punishments range from doing extra sprints to being asked to quit the team.