1st grade Curriculum

Year at a Glance


This flyer provides a yearly overview of the 1st grade curriculum. Each concept that 1st graders will learn this year are listed. Below each concept are links of activity suggestions that can be done at home. For further information please contact your child's teacher.


When students are learning about inquiry, they are learning how to be a scientist. They explore scientific tools and discuss the purpose of scientists. Try these activities at home to get acquainted with being a scientist.

What’s in a circle?

Sketch that building

Video: Exploring the Space that Air takes up

Matter and Energy

When students are learning about matter and energy, they will identify properties and will begin to build the foundation for energy transfer. They will experiment with heating and cooling matter and record their observations.

Heat on various surfaces


Video: Properties of Matter

Force, Motion, and Energy

Students learning about force, motion, and energy will delve into the different forms of energy including light, heat, and sound. They will, also, observe how force is used to create motion.

Different materials on slides

Magnet Magic

Video: Force and Motion

Sun, Earth, Moon

Students will be learning about the weather, objects in the sky, and patterns in day/night and seasons. Students will be recording weather patterns, learning about the moon phases, and characteristics of both day/night and seasons.

Studying your shadow over time

Forecasting weather

Video: Seasons

Dynamic Earth

Students learning about our dynamic earth will study the characteristics of rocks and soil, describe natural sources of water, and learn how these natural resources can make useful products.


What’s that stone?

Video: Soil

Organisms and Environments

Students will work on classifying living and nonliving things, analyze interdependence, investigate characteristics of plants and animals, and observe and record various life cycles.

Food origins

Field guides

Video: Roots and Stems