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Newsletter #12 - November 20, 2020


It is vital that we are informed about any students being tested for COVID due to exposure and also any positive COVID tests in your family group. We are obligated to do record keeping for the school district, county and state. Also, we may have to help with contact tracing when a case is reported. Call Nicole Palmer, School Nurse at EHS 651-683-6917.

Distance Learning Continues

CLICK HERE to see the schedule.

We will continue in Distance Learning using the schedule linked above through the end of Trimester 1. The Trimester ends on Friday, December 4th. Winter Trimester begins on Monday, December 7th and we will continue to follow this Distance Learning Schedule for the beginning of the trimester. Determination about any plan to return to Hybrid Learning in high schools will be made based on COVID levels and safety.

Eagan HS Offices Remain Open!

Since we are not in a Stay at Home order, the school will remain open for assistance. Please feel free to call and let us know how to assist your student and you! 651-683-6900

Campus Attendance

If your student is having issues with checking in for attendance on the Campus App please try the following:

  1. Close and reopen the app each day before attempting to complete the student check in
  2. If the student continues to have issues, Campus suggests reinstalling the Campus Student app on their iPad.

Attendance Check-In Required!

Students need to check in for verification of attendance every weekday - including Wednesdays!

November 26-27 is Thanksgiving Break - no school and no check in required on those dates. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesdays - Extra Support for Students

Teachers will continue to offer extra support and help on Wednesdays after 11:30 AM and into the afternoon. Please reach out to connect during that time for one-to-one support! We will need to offer this through Zoom and email or phone on November 25 and December 2nd - since we are not bringing students into the buildings. These are important days for make-up and catch up before reaching the end of the grading period on December 4th.

Finals Week for Fall Trimester

We will be using the Distance Learning schedule for the week of November 30 – December 4th. Teachers will do any final assessments during that week with students either in the Zoom classes or in time windows set up for the students. Any students unable to do the assigned assessments must reach out to teachers to work out a plan to complete their work.

Wednesday, December 9th Teacher Workshop Day

On Wednesday of the first week of Winter Trimester teachers will have time to complete their grading of Fall Trimester work and post their grades to the registrar. Remember that final grades for the trimester will appear in CAMPUS, not in Schoology. We will use the grading scale shared in the graph below:

Big picture

Textbooks - return and pickup

Students may need a textbook for a course they are taking in Winter Trimester. Also, students may have books to return to EHS because they are no longer using them for classes in Winter Trimester. We will have several days and times for students or parent/guardian to do pick-up and drop-off. This plan will be shared by November 30th!

Armful of Love Success Report for Eagan HS Donors

Good news!! We were able to make a donation $1555.00 to Armful of Love in the form of gift cards and checks.

Thanks for everyone’s contribution! The Armful of Love staff was very appreciative!

Candy for Soldiers Project

The EHS Interact Club recently completed our annual “Candy For Soldiers Project”. This year’s modified project included Interact volunteers picking up and dropping off take-home kits. Interact volunteers collectively wrote over 2000 individual notes of thanks to currently serving US Soldiers. Each note is then placed in a baggie with a few pieces of candy. These 50 "Candy for Soldiers" packages are then shipped to many different US Military bases around the world. Interact receives numerous thank-you notes from soldiers throughout the year. Soldiers always tell us that they appreciate the candy, but the heartfelt notes are especially appreciated.

The EHS Interact Club has a large support group on this project. Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth Orthodontics donates most of the candy (EHS Staff also donated candy). Interact Club is a junior branch of Eagan Rotary and both Eagan Rotary Clubs (Eagan Kickstart Rotary and Eagan Noon Rotary) made financial contributions to the project. The project also could not happen without EHS parent Michele Frome. Michele is the proud daughter of a US Veteran and she provides us with access to military base addresses and shipping details.

Eagan High School Theatre Presents...

Big picture

Viewing Begins December 12, 2020

Ticket Prices: $12 Single View/$25 Family View (up to 4 people)

Video Rentals will stream from Dec. 12 - Jan. 27

Once you start watching, you have 48 hours to complete the viewing

CLICK HERE for ticket information

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