The Feral Cat

by Luka Tselepi

Where is the Feral Cat from.

The Feral Cat is from Europe.

Why was it introduced to Australia?

Because the British people wanted to have pets. I don't no the reason but i think they were bored and wanted some amusement so they brought over the cats for the British people.

When did it get introduced to Australia?

In 1849 which is 5 years before the Eureka Stockade.

What impact did it have on Australia?

A bad impact because the Feral Cat species killed lots of native Australian animals and was involved in the extinction of some marsupial and mammal species.It killed ground nesting birds and small native animals. e.g galahs

A good impact is that tons of people now own a cat and where did those cats come from?...... Europe and were brought over by the colonial British settlement

Where is it in Australia?

The feral cat now lives throughout Australia except in tropical rain forests because of the water. (cats really, really hate water)

2 good websites to find more information.

Here are two videos from Behind The News to give you more information