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October 12, 2015

Fall Break

Please remind students that Fall Break is NEXT week. This year is a true experiment. We have never taken a week off in October. Stress the importance of returning to school on Monday, October 26th. Some students are notorious for taking our break and their sending schools' break. The sending schools Fall Breaks are as follows:

Fairfield - Friday, October 30th

Concord - Friday, October 23rd & Monday, October 26th - Transportation on 10/26

Jimtown - October 19th (No School) & November 23rd - November 27th (Fall/Thanksgiving)

Northridge - Friday, October 23rd & Monday, October 26th

State Assessments

The IDOE recording a short video overview of the 2015-2016 state-wide assessments. I recorded portions of the webinar for your viewing pleasure.

ECA Phase Out - http://www.screencast.com/t/ncM2RaIbLgEK

New ISTEP Grade 10 - http://screencast.com/t/vglAtW2d

Preparing Students - http://screencast.com/t/VTjP0bSj6

Reminder - Concord ECA Window

English Language Arts

Monday, Oct. 19th to Wednesday, Oct. 28th

Merit students have two-days to test Tuesday, October 27th & Wednesday 28th!

Algebra I

Wednesday, Oct. 28th to Friday, Nov. 6th

Tibbs Bits

A message from Julie Foster, President of Ivy Tech Elkhart

First of all, the students did an excellent job! There are several that are fully program-ready, which means they can dive right in next semester! I met with Mo (Vice President) to decipher what the Accuplacer scores mean.

In order to be “program ready”, a student needs at least a 4 on the writing, and a 69 on the reading. All students except one scored a 4 or higher – congrats! Math is a little more complicated, but I’ll go through each student individually:

  • Keyana: 4 in writing, 56 in Reading, program ready for Math. Keyana would want to practice her skills on taking the reading portion, and re-test at the end of the semester. She is pretty close.

  • Jaime: 4 in writing, 58 in reading, program ready for Math. Jaime would also want to practice skills on the reading and re-test.

  • Anel: 3 in writing and 59 in reading. Anel might need a little more assistance to get past the reading and writing re-test, but is program ready in Math.

  • Alexandria: 7 on the writing (Mo has never seen a score that high!), 87 on the reading, 77 on the math. Completely program ready for pretty much anything she wants to do.

  • David: 4 on the writing, 80 on the reading, 57 on Math. Fully program-ready.

  • Logan: 4 on the writing, 56 on the reading, 29 on the Math. Logan will need to re-test on the reading and the math portions.

  • Theresa: 4 on the writing, 67 on the reading, 47 on math. Just 2 points away on the reading! Could re-test and be fine, she is so close. Program ready on math.

A Need for More Student Data

The Career Analysis Organization completed an assessment of our learning environment last spring. They interviewed students about how they felt about Merit. The summary report showed a few of the most-notable quotes given by students. This one in particular was worth sharing...

It is easy to come in, put on your headsets, and get lost in your work. Talking to someone every day would make me feel valued.

Student Voice Survey: Self Worth = Belonging + Heroes

This week, we will examine on of the conditions that influences a student's development of Self-Worth.

Developing Students' Self-Worth: Belonging, Heroes, and Sense of Accomplishment Self-Worth begins when students experience a sense of Belonging: They feel like they are part of the school community while being recognized and appreciated for their uniqueness. Students also experience Self-Worth when someone in their lives believes in them. They need Heroes, people they can look up to, respect, and learn from. To develop Self-Worth, students also need a Sense of Accomplishment. They must be recognized as much for their effort, perseverance, and citizenship as they are for high grades and good test scores. As students build Self-Worth, they are more likely to persevere through difficult tasks and be inspired to take the steps needed to reach their goals.

A sense of belonging means that a student is a valued member of a community while still maintaining his or her uniqueness. A feeling of connectedness develops when students build relationships and feel supported at school. A well-established culture in each computer lab and throughout the overall school fosters a sense of belonging and encourages students to invest in the school community.

Merit Learning Center - Sense of Belonging

Total in Agreement = Percent of students who Agreed or Strongly Agreed with each Statement.
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How is the sense of belonging reflected in the TAP Rubric?

The Learning Environment?

Motivating Students?

Teacher Knowledge of Students?