EWB-OSU Monthly News Update!


New Program Application

The student chapter at Ohio State has been working hard in finding a new program to take on. For the past few months EWB-OSU has been vetting possible projects on the EWB-USA website. Recently the team voted on a project in The Gambia! The team is currently writing their 502 application document to acquire this project. We plan on submitting the application on the December 13th deadline.

We currently are seeking a Professional Mentor who could fill the requirements of the REIC. If anyone would be interested please see the contact information below!

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

EWB-OSU is starting the year-end campaign for EWB-USA! Help us reach our goal of $1,500. As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on kind donors to power both our local and international projects. We appreciate your support! Spread the word on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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