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Rudolf Dreikurs

  • Born: February 8, 1897 in Vienna, Austria
  • Died: May 25, 1972 in Chicago

  • Rudolf was an american psychiatrist and educator who adapted Alfred Adlers System of Individual Psychology into a pragmatic method for understanding the purpose of behavior in children and for stimulating cooperative behavior without punishment or reward.


  • Rudolf is a social/emotional theorist
  • He believes that behavior is a result of an individual's purposes and is a result of one's own interpretation of the world. People react to their own subjective assessment of the wold. When open to personal interpretation people will make the unavoidable mistake. He also stated that all misbehavior is a result of a child's mistaken assumption about place and gaining status
  • Dreikurs identified four types of goals that motivate children to misbehave

  1. to gain attention
  2. for power or control
  3. revenge
  4. helplessness or inadequacy


For example if the sister is eating a cookie and the brother didn't get one because the sister told on him and now he's in trouble. So the brother might hide the sister's toy because he thinks she deserves it for telling on him. That would be an act of revenge.