By Eloise Cribb

Task 1 - Setting The Scene

Aosta Valley a sparsely populated region - Aosta Vally is sparsely populated because of where it is located, it is located in the northern hills of Italy which means that in winter it gets very cold. Colder than places in France which are located at the same altitude as Aosta Valley. Also their winters tend to be quite long, living there is for people who can survive with cold weather.

Po Valley a densely populated region - Po Valley is densely populated because it is the most important industrial and agricultural region of Italy. This means that people need to live there so that all of the industrial and agricultural things that need to be done are done. Plus Po Valley is quite a beautiful place to live and the weather almost year round is beautiful.

I already know a bit about Italy because I have already been there, so I know from experience that they are quite bad drivers, that their art and buildings are amazing and beautiful, and that their culture is full of rituals and hand gestures. When we were driving around in Italy there didn't seem to be many road rules because they were mostly all driving like lunatics and that experience has left me with the thought that they are all bad drivers. Italy is such an old nation so, so is most of its art. Going to the museums I saw that there were so many beautiful pieces of art and that also includes all the building I saw, I thought that they were beautiful and I still do.

Something I would like to learn about Italy is more of its history because when I went last time I wasn't that interested in that type of information. I think that, that type of information would be really interesting to know about when we go this time so it is not just 'art' to me but something I know the history about and there for more interesting.

Task 2 - The Physical Geography of Italy

Heights of the 3 biggest volcanoes in Italy

Large Volcano #1, Mauna Loa

Height: Roughly 13,000 feet above sea level, Roughly 56,000 feet from base to summit

Type: Shield Volcano

Status: Active

Large Volcano #2, Mount Etna

Height: Roughly 10,925 feet

Type: Stratovolcano

Status: Active

Large Volcano #3, Mount Tambora

Height: Roughly 9,354 feet

Type: Stratovolcano

Status: Active

The three most recent volcanoes to erupt in Italy:

1. Mount Etna

Status: Active

Year of Last Eruption: 2008

2. Mount St. Helens

Status: Active

Year of Last Eruption: 2004-2008

3. Mount Pinatubo

Status: Active

Year of Last Eruption: A secondary eruption occurred in 1994.


How many people live around the volcano:

Around 11,250 live in the region around Mount Etna.

Why it has been erupting for so long:

Mt Etna is located on the island of Sicily at the bottom of Italy. It keeps erupting because it is on the very edge of the African plate where it is crashing into the Eurasian plate. It is a destructive plate boundary because the African plate is going under the Eurasian plate.

Why people continue to live there:

Due to the fertile soil and opportunities from tourism. Both of which can bring in jobs and money for the local people. The volcanic ash is rich in minerals that can help vines and olives grow if properly farmed and reared. Some might want to leave, but can't afford the move. Some probably just don't believe there is a risk.

information on 2 Cities in Italy

Task 3 - Information on Milan

Milan is the main industrial, commercial and financial centre of Italy and a leading global city. Its business district hosts the Italian Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the largest national banks and companies. The city is a major world fashion and design capital.

With a population of 5.2 million people it has more people living there than they do in the capital, Rome. 1 million more to be more precise. But what else would you expect from the fashion capital of Italy.

Milans weather is also quite nice, on average their lowest temperature is -3, and their highest temperature is 28. This weather is quite mild and is practically like Canberra's weather. Though these temperatures are just the average and they can get hotter and colder. This mild weather would be one of the reasons that people would want to live in Milan besides the fact that it is Milan.

Task 4 - Information About Rome

Population of Rome today - around 4.2 million people live in Rome alone when Canberra's whole population is around 367,000 people. Imagine that many people living in Canberra, getting places would be hectic.

The Colosseum - The ancient Romans were great builders. They built things to last. The Colosseum was built of concrete, faced with stone, as were most amphitheaters. It was built in the early days of the Roman Empire, around 70 CE. It was designed to host huge spectacles like gladiator fights. Anyone could attend the events in the Colosseum. Admission was free.

The Colosseum could seat 45,000 spectators and with people standing it could hold up to 70,000 spectators. To put this into context the MCG has the capacity of 100,000 people and was made by modern technology. That tells you how amazing the colosseum truly is.

Task 5 - Italian Customs

Similarities and differences between Italian and Australian customs


- Smoking is not wanted in public places, Italy enforces this stronger.

- Alcohol is allowed as part of meal though Italians allow younger people to have watered down alcohol.


ITALY-They are much more friendly when friends meet, by kissing cheeks and much more polite by custom.

ITALY-When you are at a restaurant you have to ask for the check otherwise they will not give it to you.

AUSTRALIA-When Australian friends we do not kiss each other’s cheeks but mostly we just lightly hug each other, if that.

AUSTRALIA-When you are at most restaurants it is good service for the waiter to ask you if you want your check.