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Weekly COVID-19 Testing at the School Site

At its regular meeting on August 26, 2021, the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) Board of Education took decisive action to bolster safety measures that protect students and employees from COVID-19. The Board of Education voted unanimously to:

  • ratify an existing testing plan that places mobile testing teams at schools for students and employee testing and now requires

    • all students under age 12 to get weekly COVID-19 tests with informed consent from parents/guardians

Testing will be offered at Webster Elementary on Thursdays from 7:45am to 3:30pm.

PUSD offers COVID-19 PCR oral or nasal swab tests on campuses

This week, our new testing teams will be at each elementary and middle school site for one day to conduct the testing program. PUSD Health Programs will not test students who have not submitted informed consent.

How can parents give informed consent?

Parents can provide informed consent through two ways:

  • Register through the online platform:

  • Complete the hard copy registration forms in English or Spanish which will be provided for you by the COVID-19 Response Team.

  • The COVID-19 Response Team will also bring posters of the QR code that connects directly to the testing link.

If you or your child are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, do not come to school for testing. Stay home. You can come to the PUSD Primary Care Clinic at 351 S. Hudson Ave. Please call 626-396-3600 xt 88180 for an appointment.

Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 3 months, recovered, and are not showing any symptoms, are not recommended to test.

COVID-19 Testing through the PUSD Primary Clinic

  • Get Tested! We strongly encourage all students not yet eligible for vaccination to get tested. PUSD is providing incentives for students to get tested. These include gift cards, water bottles, stickers, and drawings for gift baskets for the family.

    How and Where PUSD Students and Staff Can Get Tested

    See PUSD's Testing Implementation Plan


  • Stay home if you’re sick.

    • Before leaving home all students, employees, and parents must conduct a self-check. Ask yourself these questions:
      • Do I have a fever?
      • Do I have a cough?
      • Am I experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
      • Am I experiencing any other symptoms?
      • Have I been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
      • In the last two weeks, have I been directed to quarantine, isolate or take a COVID-19 test?

    • If you respond "yes" to any of the questions, you must stay home and contact your school or office. It is recommended that you contact your primary care physician for further medical advice. If you have a fever with cough or shortness of breath, you are urged to contact your primary care physician as these symptoms may be attributed to COVID-19.

    • Upon arrival at school, school staff will perform a brief check-in to verify that students have completed a symptom screening.

    Autoevaluación Antes de Salir de la Casa

    Para ayudar a mantener a todos a salvo, queremos que los estudiantes realicen una autoevaluación todos los días antes de salir de la casa.

    Quédese en casa si está enfermo.

    Antes de salir de la casa, todos los estudiantes, empleados y padres deben realizar una autoevaluación

    Por favor hágase estas preguntas:

    • ¿Tengo fiebre?
    • ¿Tengo tos?
    • ¿Tengo dificultad para respirar?
    • ¿Tengo otros síntomas?
    • ¿He estado en contacto con alguien que ha tenido un test positivo de COVID-19 en los últimos 14 días?
    • En las últimas dos semanas, ¿me han indicado que me ponga en cuarentena, me aísle o me someta a una prueba del COVID-19?

    Si responde afirmativamente a cualquiera de estas preguntas, debe quedarse en casa y comunicarse con su escuela u oficina. Si no puede hablar con alguien de inmediato, deje un mensaje. También le recomendamos que se comunique con su proveedor médico.