The Beauties of Planting

Turn your black thumb into green 💚

Diseases to be careful for when planting

Leaf Curl- is when plants with lack of water and more sunlight cause the leaves and petals to curl or a disease in which the plant grows into curling up

Solution: keep the plant so where were it gets between sunlight and more water and to keep your plant from growing like it give the plant more room from other plants.

Powder Mildew- is when the mildew is not a clear water looking drops but nasty white ink like mildew exiting the plant from the leaves and stem.

Solution: clean off the mildew and water the plant more carefully cause powder mildewcan disappear over time

Mosaic Virus- when the plant develops spots in a lighter colors or looks like someone had bleached the plant and sometimes the leaves are bumpy.

Solution:keep the plants near shade and sunlight but sometimes it's best to cut off the plants with this virus disease or take out the plant in general .

Anthracnose symptom: vary with the plant host, weather, and time of year infection occurs. The fungi affect developing shoots and expanding leaves. Small tan, brown, black, or tarlike spots appear on infected leaves

Solution:cut off these leaves on the part of the plant to keep it from moving to other parts of the plant

Plant Rust- common common one found in plants is when they turn a autumn looking color

like rust and eat away the plant

Solution:this phase can disappear it could be based on the season but still water the plant a little less cause like normal things that rust it's because of too much water.

Brown Streak Disease-

on infected leaves, giving them a yellowish, mottled appearance.Chlorosis may be associated with the veins, spanning from the mid vein, secondary and tertiary veins, or rather in blotches.

Solution: this could be the cause of an insect and most the time it is best to kill off the part of the plant or take out the plant and look at the roots and see if you can find an awnser if not look at plants surrounding it and see if they have it also. If so it could be in the soil

Damping Off- off the host plant is when the plant is contracting fungus and you the Gardner must damp it off by killing off the fungus by drying your plants cause like athletes foot you must keep it dry.

Solution:^^^ just dry the plants leaves