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Elgin Elementary School

Turner's Testing Tidbits


Please click on links below for information regarding upcoming STAAR. The break schedule will be posted later, after I've met with the team of paraprofessionals relieving teachers. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email, by phone, or just stop by my office. In the meantime...Happy Testing!

Felicia Turner

Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, March 22nd during grade level planning times~ Training for 4th & 5th grade teachers. (Lefteau and Fangman's Classrooms)
  • Wednesday, March 23rd during faculty meeting ~ STAAR Test Security Training, Logistics Overview, & Oaths for EES's faculty
  • Monday, March 28th with Cheryl Williams ~ STAAR A training for designated personnel
  • Monday, March 28th @ 8:00 in the library ~ STAAR Logistical Training for Paraprofessionals & Support Staff (invites have been sent to designated individuals)
  • Monday, March 28th @ 1:00 pm in Turner's office ~ STAAR Logistical Training for Admin and Front Office
  • Monday, March 30th at time and location determined by specials team~ Specials teachers prepare snacks for Wednesday (5th graders only)


ALL teachers should communicate with their parents via newsletters and/or phone the upcoming dates for STAAR. It is highly suggested that 4th - 5th grade homeroom teachers contact their parents, to ensure that students arrive to school on time to have breakfast prior to testing, get rest before testing, etc. A robo call will also be sent to parents alerting them that testing is occurring on campus next week.

school wide LUNCHES

Lunches will occur in the classroom for everyone. Don’t fret, sack lunches will now be provided for all students on official STAAR dates. Your students are more than welcome to bring their own sack lunches to school.

Here's how it will work. A copy of your roster will be placed in your mailbox on Tuesday and Wednesday by our registrar. Teachers will need to place their order using the roster. (indicating with kids will need to get a lunch). Orders need to be placed on or before 9:00 am. Designated personnel will get your order form and deliver your lunches between the hours of 10:00 - 11:00 am, adhering very closely to your grade level's lunch period.

Once the lunches arrive, teachers can manage the time they serve it to their students. A garbage bag will be provide to all classes. Place the bag outside of your classroom, and our custodial staff will get the bag from your room.

Cafeteria staff will be providing boxes. PLEASE DO NOT place trash in these boxes. They will be used the following day to deliver your lunches.

4th grade teachers will be responsible for monitoring their own students during the lunch time. Remember, the cafeteria is a zero noise environment. Our administrators and/or monitors will be there to assist you as needed.


Pre-Kinder thru 2nd grade may go to the gym to allow students some “wiggle worm” opportunities. Here's the schedule created by the teams:

The Schedule

· Pre-K - 8:15-9:15

· 1st - 9:15-10:15

· Kinder - 10:15-11:15

· 2nd - 11:15-12:15

· Pre-K - 1:30-2:30


First Baptist Church of Elgin and Elgin Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will be hosting our hospitality suite for STAAR. An array of beverages and goodies will be in the teacher’s lounge. Every effort is made to ensure that we have enough goodies for everyone in our building. While many of you are able to have a brief recess break with your students, when visiting the lounge, please keep in mind that the only breaks that our test administrators receive are their 30 minute breaks . We want to make sure they are able to indulge in some of the treats that will be provided.

Special thanks to Mrs. Diane Slack for helping to organize our hospitality suite.


Snacks will be provided for 4th - 5th grade students on days they are testing. For all testing classes, teachers can allow students to keep water bottles by the desk. Water bottles and snacks should in no way hinder the testing environment or serve as a place -holder on students’ answer documents and/or testing booklets.

PK - 3rd Grade Teachers should allow students to bring their own snacks to school. Snack break it at discretion of the teacher, within the classroom.

Note to Specials Teachers:

Specials Teachers will need to help with snack prep for both days of testing.

campus staar resources

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