The Republic United of Nations

By: Ricardo Lopez Pantoja

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5 reasons why you should visit The Republic United of Nations

  1. The United Republic is well known for its strict but fair judicial system and a definitive system of law enforcement. Laws themselves were enacted by the United Republic Council. All citizens have the right to the integrity of life and property, the freedom of speech as well as a defense attorney and due process.

  2. The Republic is one of the most wealthiest countries in the world due to its free enterprise market economy system.

  3. The Republic has a strong and a stable political system that helps the economy.

  4. The city it self has a lot of free market competition, which pushes businesses to produce more and more goods every year.

  5. The unemployment rate decreases every year, experts estimate that in 2015 there will not be anymore unemployment.

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Some background knowledge of The Republic United of Nations

The United Republic is known for having a unique culture, which was shaped by immigration and a technological revolution.

The capital of the United Republic is Republic City, a large, modern metropolis located on the shores of Yue Bay. From there, a political organization consisting of one representative from each nation, the United Republic Council, governed the republic.