Hilda Doolittle, H.D.

by Alexis Baryak

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"I think I did get what I was looking for from life and art."

Early Life

  • Sept. 10, 1886-Sept. 27, 1961
  • Mother-Moravian, Father-Astronomer
  • Attended Bryn Mawr, University of Pennsylvania

Personal Life

  • M. Richard Aldington Oct. 18, 1913
  • Met Bryher Jul. 17, 1918
  • Interests in mysticism, Hellenic Studies, Egyptology, Astrology, Spiritualism
  • "Pupil" of Sigmund Freud

Professional Life

  • Loved Greece-"Hermes of the Way", "Orchard", "Epigram"

  • Imagist

  • Norman Holmes Pearson

“H.D. by the end of her career became not only the most gifted woman poet of our century, but one of the most original poets—the more I read her the more I think this—in our language.”-Alicia Ostriker, American Poetry Review

H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) reads from "Helen in Egypt"

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