Anything boys do, girls do better!

Girls and Computer Programming

“Anything boys can do girls can do better.”Yes this includes computer programming? People say computer programming is a boy job, OH COME ON?Do you think this, because it's like saying basketball is for boys only !Plus I don't care what other people say about coding, IT"S AWESOME! Girls you better read otherwise this job will maybe be in your future and you could save it from being a boy job.

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Why Girls Don't Code

Why do girls not code? Well first they think they won’t be good it, even though the girls have not even tried it. Most girls like computers and starts at a young age, and grows more into it over time. Plus boys get interment to program . Imagine yourself working at your dream job, well most women don't imagine themselves doing this. They also think will my friends like me doing this?Do you know what the biggest problem is SCHOOLS DON’T TEACH CODE, so kids don’t get too much to do with it.

Why have things changed

Why did there used to be more programmers? In 1984, 37% of programmers were women in the computer science field. During World War II there was a large demand for women programmers because most of the men were off fighting. In the 1960s experts hoped more girls would study programming at a college. Unfortunately that didn't happen and the numbers kept going down. Coding doesn't always have to be boring, If girls knew that maybe more would enter the field! Here is a girl named Elena who created clothia and on it you can share some of your closet of clothes.

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We need more girl programmers

We need girls to code. I know you're probably into something else BUT PLEASE give it try. It’s like saying basketball is only a guy sport and ONLY guys could play it, would you be upset? Yes, you would be if you like basketball! So don’t make it computer science or computer programming a guy thing, because there is another problem! There are not enough programmers out there to code-boys or girls.

Equal Opportunity

What do I mean by that? We need both boys and girls to programmers. Why? Just like anything in life and the computer world, it's important to have input of everyone. I am not just saying it because I am a girl.

The vocabulary

Code- It is the same thing as programming but just shorten for a word to make code.

Programming- It's telling a computer what you want too.