Oldham County at it's Finest

By: Rori Wood and Addison Foote

Great County

Oldham County has taken a cautious approach to security for years, finding ways to ensure student safety while still promoting a positive learning environment. Following Sandy Hook, they hosted a series of school safety forums so parents and community members had an opportunity to voice concerns and ask questions. Law enforcement professionals attended every session to address active shooter scenarios, questions about response times and general guidelines in the event of targeted violence in the schools.

Oldham County also has a wide spread of libraries, churches, and medical care right around in your area! The community is great to fit all of your lifes needs. Things like hospitals, libraries, events, local services, and organizations will fullfill your needs and make you happy in Oldham County.

Local buisnesses are a must. Oldham County is a progressive community with fine businesses to meet the needs of an ever popular media like the Internet. Feel happy and love your job and dont make a haul out down town every morning. Some jobs available are things like Web Designers, Advertising, Accounting Services, and many more.

Great County, Live Right!


Stay Happy with Oldham County!