The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

September 13, 2015 Edition

Important Dates to Note


9/14: Rosh Hashanah – No school

9/15 - Pull-outs begin - special education, BSI math, ALM 4, EA, 4th & 5th WIN

9/15 - PLCs begin (therefore, HR buddies need to begin their coverages)

9/15 - All IEPs need to be read in Tracker

9/15-9/25 - Universal Screenings/RTI assessments (*note date change)

9/16 - Faculty Council Meeting

9/17: Back to School Night

9/18 - All Field Trip forms due.

*Forms are available in Google Drive, search under "Curriculum Office".

9/23: Yom Kippur – No school

9/29: Picture Day


10/1 - PTO meeting

10/1 - PTO Welcome Back Picnic

10/5 - Tier 3 interventions

10/12 - Schools closed; Staff Development

10/14 - Valic rep visit during lunches

10/14 - PK-5 Grade Level Meetings

10/19 - Faculty Meeting

10/20 - AXA rep visit during lunches

10/20-22 - OW trainings

10/26 - Additional 90-minute meeting

10/30 - SGO due and entered into OnCourse

**All specialists whose classes do not begin immediately should assist HR teachers with initial assessments before your classes begin

Rosh Hashanah

Please note that Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Sunday evening and does not end until Tuesday at sundown. Please be cognizant of homework and assignments on Tuesday as well.
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Back to School Night

Our BTS night this year is scheduled for Thursday, September 17th. We will follow the same schedule as last year, but we will rotate the grade levels, as is past practice. Please see the schedule below, and let me know if there are any questions/concerns/etc...


Time/ Event/ Location

6:00-6:30pm/ 2nd & 3rd grades/ Individual Classrooms

6:35-7:00pm/ Ms. Smith’s Welcome, PTO, TASK/ Cafeteria

7:05–7:35pm/ 4th & 5th grades/ Individual Classrooms

7:40-8:10pm/ K & 1st grades/ Individual Classrooms

7:00-7:45pm/ Special Area teachers, CST/ Cafeteria

A good idea this year would be to show your parents how to navigate OnCourse - how to get to your webpage, what is located there, etc... As a suggestion from last year’s Faculty Council meeting, consider posting your PowerPoint presentations online or making them available as a packet so parents can view at a later time, thus limiting all of the information that needs to be discussed in the 30-minutes you meet with parents.

Please DO NOT feel as if your room needs to be perfectly set up. We have the “Under Construction” signs available in the main office if you want to use them on your bulletin boards and walls.

I will announce that conferences are over on the PA system at 8:10pm. Please make your best efforts to keep your presentations to 30 minutes, so that parents can move to their next session on time, or so that my announcement will not interrupt you! You may also want to keep your door open so that you don't get into individual parent discussions - this is not what the night is for. I know you will all be your positive and professional selves - let's make it a great night!

Gator Gathering Sign-Ups

Thank you all for signing up on the form. However, it seems K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd are all signed up for the 3rd marking period. We have no grade levels for the 2nd marking period now :)

Here's the link again in case you want to switch your marking period!

A PLC Reminder...

Here is the link for the PLC form. One PLC member should save a copy to your their own drive, rename it, and then share it with yourPLC members and me. This way you won't edit the master form and have everyone seeing your information! Remember, if you are interested in joining a different PLC, just let me know.
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