Fight Song Service Project

Malik Williams

Service Project Desription

The organization I worked with was Feed The Children. In our organization we made sure children didn’t starve and were provided with food. We make sure people stay healthy and give healthy foods. We don’t always serve sweets and candy that’s delicious. We make sure children get vegetables like spinach, greens, and salad. We also serve fruit and good protein. We also provide children with enough food to eat. Under 50 grams of sugar each year. We don’t serve too much where they will get a tummy ache. We have clean water for children to drink. We also have medical care and education. I would recommend this to anyone who knows someone that never gets anything to eat. I would do this again if I had to decide.

Expository Short Answer

It is important to help others because it can make you feel good, it will make other people have a good outlook on you, and it is caring and kind to do things for other people. Helping other people might get the other person in need to help you as well. It’s also a really good deed to help someone. Helping other people could help make your day or make the other person’s day. Helping others impacts the world because if you help someone, it will influence them to help other people too. Soon everyone would be helping each other and it would be a helpful place. This is why it’s important to help others.

Organization I Chose

The organization I like is Feed The Children. Feed The Children provides good meals everyday for more than 263,000 children. They provide good food, medical care, and education. I would like to get more involved with their organization because I like that they serve healthy foods and not just normal foods each day. Though I still like that they at least provide food for children to eat. They helped others according to our Fight Song Project by serving meals for children who starve and almost never get anything to eat. They make sure children get to eat a good amount of food and not too much or too little.