Kait's Crazy Chemicals

See the rainbow, Make the rainbow

What are Kait's Crazy Chemicals?

We produce the finest indicator using red cabbage juice to allow for you to experience the differences in pH levels in the coolest, visual representation ever!

What are Kait's Crazy Chemicals used for?

Kait's Crazy Chemicals is a non-toxic, kid friendly substance that can be used for hours of scientific discovery for the whole family!

Some of the acids and bases we tested on:

How should Kait's Crazy Chemicals work?

As we observed the effects of our product and how they react in the range from acids to bases, we noticed that acids tend to turn out as pinks and reds, neutrals turn out as purples and blues, and bases turn out as different varieties of greens.

Guaranteed to be a great source of family fun!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to chemistry.about.com for contributing to the knowledge and making behind Kait's Crazy Chemicals! We learned a lot from you and are thankful for your help in creating this product with us! Thank you!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Bill Nye the Science Guy for making an episode about acids, bases, and the pH scale! You gave some great information and kept it entertaining all the while! Thank you!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Meghan Trainor for making an awesome song we can use for our advertising called All About that Base! We know your intentions were not made to sing about acids and bases, but we can use the chorus! Thank you!
All About That Base (No Acid)