Disadvantage To Fracturing A Wrist!

By: Trey San Jose


i was running home from a friends when i tripped and fell. i cought my self on one wrist the wrong way. I went to the hospital to see if i had broken it. the doctor came back with the x-rays and sowed the to use. He said i had broken it almost into my growth plate to where i would have to have surgey to get it pinned together. The next day i went to the orthopedic doctor to get my bone set and put into a cast.

How I Surmounted It

It took me time to get used the pain and cast that comes along with breaking my wrist. It was a difficult process to go threw. it made it difficult to shower, write, and do activities that involve water and things i have to move my wrist for even typing became a challenge. it took me about a week to getbecak in the habit of useing my wrist and geting the muscle content back to where it is which is hard for me because i'm not a heavy set person. But after time it became a little habit on what to do and how to do. So it was a pretty difficult process and getting use to for me.

Key Quotes

A message that can come out of this is "Don't let anything stand in your way of success." I learned this because i had to learn how to deal and work around having a cast, and the immobility of my right wrist which was difficult because i am right handed. Also "Keep your head held high no matter what." So that you don't get discouraged by things that may happen like this to you.