Keeping the Change Room Organized

By: Maddie Wanklyn

Whats the Problem?

On average, a lower school student enters the change room roughly 6 times a day sometimes more. This means the change room is vital part of our schedule as students. It affects us every single day. When you can barely see the change room floor, I don't think it's a good sign. The problem and frustration with the change room, is that it is most of the messy, unorganized, and cluttered. Why is this a problem? Students are loosing precious items, cleaning staff have a more difficult job, and visitors are being scared off. The causes are not hard to identify, students are leaving there clothes everywhere because they are either to lazy, they forget, or they do not have enough space in their locker to put their wet dirty clothes. This issues sounds impossible to solve, but I have developed some simple solutions that should be sustainable.

What Are The Solutions?


Staying organized sounds like a simple task. Although, it is actually quite difficult at times. The definition of organized is " to be arranged in a systematic way". It is important to teach kids at young age the skill of organization, so are successful in the future. The most effective way of tidying the change room would be to get all the students to pitch in a part in organizing. This will eliminate clutter of shoes, clothes, and sports equipment on the floor.

Wet/Dirty Clothes Storage

I was thinking, if people don't want to place their dirty or wet clothes in their lockers, then why not have a designated are where students can dry there clothes. This station would consist of a table, heater, sink, and maybe a spray bottle with a nice and tolerable scent. This solution will solve the problem of a messy floor and change room.