Figurative Language

(Pun, Irony, Oxymoron, Cliche, Assonance)

By: Cora Heitkamp






A Short Story

Maya and Edgar's Wild Adventure

Maya and Edgar were walking in the woods in Sweden. It was getting dark, so the two pugs called Mr.Kjellberg and Miss. Bisogin.

After the two calls were done the two pugs joked around and watched the sunset together.

"Edgar," said Maya,"you're pretty ugly (Oxymoron) from this angle."

"Maya!" said Edgar,"That's very rude." "Hey, look at that holy tree," (Pun) said Edgar wanting to change the topic.

"It's kind of creepy Edgar." Maya trembled. "Hey Edgar," Maya said,"Did you hear about that cat that ran over the mat?"(Assonance)

"Yeah, I heard it's bad luck when you're near the black cat." said Edgar.

"Oh," said Maya,"Then we are in some trouble, look!"

"Run!!!" screamed Edgar.

Edgar and Maya ran into the woods and didn't stop till their tiny puppy legs couldn't run any more. Once they came to a clearing in the woods the two pugs tried to find a way out of the thick woods.

"We need to get out of here!!" screamed Maya.

"Calm down," said Edgar,"We just need to think outside of the box."(Cliche)

"Okay, how about we walk back the way we came." said Maya.

"Which way was that?" asked Edgar.

"The East, because we ran away from the sun when we got here." explained Maya.

The pugs started walking towards the setting sun in the East. Soon, the pugs were back at the bench. That's when they realized the "black cat" was a black dog that looked like a cat. (Irony)