Ready for summer?

It's the 2022 SBS Summer Challenge!

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Read for 800 minutes; that's all!

Your goal this summer is to read for 800 minutes over the three month period of June 18 to September 18. Someone can read to you, too! That can count for your goal. (As a surprise, I will even be adding some challenges during the summer months so you can earn more reading points by doing them!!)

When you register, make sure you enter ONLY the group for your upcoming grade in September!

If you are finishing kindergarten, register for the group for students entering grade 1. If you are finishing grade 1, only register for the group for students entering Grade 2, etc., etc.!

You can record your participation online with the ReaderZone app. Our code is 90ae5.

There will be prizes and surprises for students who complete the goal of 800 or more minutes!

And the class with the greatest number of minutes read collectively will be invited to a special party to celebrate!

Make sure you register only for the grade you will be entering in September (or your minutes may not count for your grade!)

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Have a great summer. Don't take the summer slide and "Read Beyond the Beaten Path!"

(and look for more surprises along the way...)

Happy reading!

Your librarian,

Mrs. Carol Phillips