Francisco Pizarro

A Spanish Man on a journey for glory but will he succeed?

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About Pizarro

He was born on 1471. On February 13 1503, made his first voyage. On 1513, he joined Balboa but he did it to arrest him when he was accused of trying to take control of the South Sea for himself. When Balboa was beheaded Pizarro gained a reward. Afterwards he became mayor of Panama City. Pizarro has recently heard of a golden city and became interested in traveling to Peru.

About the Inca Empire

The Inca ruled one of the biggest and wealthiest empires in the world. It was connected by over 10,000 miles of paved roads. Messages were carried by runners from one place to another. Most of the empire was built on the slopes of Andes Mountains. There were different ranks in the Inca Empire. The emperor, high priest, and the army commander was at the top. Family members of the emperor was in the second rank. Temple priests, architects were at the third rank. The 2 lowest ranks were made of artisans, soldiers and farmers.

Crime and punishments of The inca Empire

A punishment in the Inca Empire is very different from American punishments. If someone lied or stole or murdered then they were throw off a cliff, had their hands cut off, their eyes cut off or will be starved to death.
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His first and second expedition

On September 1524 Francisco left from Panama with almost 80 men and 40 horses. They sailed down the Pacific but weather, food and native americans forced them to turn back. 2 years later Pizarro tried again. He left with 2 ships and 160 men this time. They made it as far as the San Juan River. The other ship, navigated by Ruiz continued sailing south. He then crossed the equator and captured a group of natives from the inca empire. The group tried to sail back to the place where ruiz had captured the Incas. Strong winds and treacherous ocean currents knocked them off course.

Pizarro's third and final expedition

On December 27 1530, Pizarro left for his final voyage to peru. He had 3 ships with 180 men and 27 horses. When Pizarro reached Cajamarca, the emperor refused to meet Pizarro. The emperor was not worried for he had 80,000 men defending the Empire.

Defeating the incas and Pizarro's death

On november 16, 1532, the Battle of Cajamarca was a surprise attack that lasted 30 minutes. The Incas were not ready for Pizarro's weapons and army. During the battle the emperor was captured. Pizarro wanted a ransom but even after 2 rooms filled with gold and silver the emperor was killed. The final step of taking the Inca empire was taking Cusco. On June 26 1541 Pizarro was attacked in his palace. While he was drawing his sword He was stabbed in the throat and killed