Wrinkle In Time

by Madeline L'engle

Wrinkle in time

Meg, her brother Charles Wallace, and Calvin go on a dangerous and amazing adventure. An adventure that will threaten their lives and our universe.


Meg, Charles Wallace, and there friend Calvin go on an adventure that will threaten there lives and our universe to find Meg and Charles Wallaces father When they met the three W`s Mrs.who, Mrs. Wich, and Mrs. Whatsit. The adventure did not turn out as well as they thought it would.
  • Age range~ 10-12
  • Grade level~ 4-6
  • Pages~ 1-232
  • Publisher~ Square Fish


  • What grievous pain a little fault doth thee! ~Mrs. Who This quote is important because it shows that something little can cause so much pain.
  • To action little, less to words inclined. ~ Mrs.Who This quote is important because it explains that little actions can still hurt.
  • Nothing is hopeless we just hope for everything.~ Mrs. Who This quote is important because it explains that nothing is hopeless but we just hope for everything.


I did not like this book, there was a lot of details but it was not as good as I thought it would be. I did not like the very ending it just left me hanging and did not finish the sentence. It was a boring book.


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