Project Management Department

-1st Notice-

It's been a month or so

Time passes by too quick. It been a month or to be more specific 49 days since all of you were to allocated to Project Management Department. It seems like yesterday that all of you were being handpicked by me to be in this department.

I remember staying up till 3am or so just for member allocation with my fellow EB mates just to finalize the allocation of each department. I hope that all of you feel yourself lucky to be in this department.

I also hope that you will gained what you seek in AIESEC as well. Do approach me if you faces any challenges in not just AIESEC journey but if you wish to share your university or even your personal life.


Past, Present and Future

Yesterday marked another memorable for AIESEC UTM as another brave soul, Wan Rathna the sole candidate for LCP term 1516 has passes the Vote of Confidence. 'Leadership Connect People'. This quote will definitely stuck inside those whom present in yesterday VoC. We shall all wishes her the best of luck for the next stage of LCP Election.

This VoC remind us that our time for term 1415 is nearing to the end. We all should also work like today will be our last day on Earth so that we will leave no regret behind when we end our term as AIESECers of UTM 1415.

Just like what Steve Job had mentioned," If you live each day as if it was your last, some day you'll will most certainly be right."

We all shall uphold this principle as well in our life.

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Department Updates

Our department have recently participated in Green Earth Exhibition. There is still a lot of areas for improvement and we will give our best for this event. Please do approach Kan Chyau if you have any suggestion for improvement and update as well your availability for duty on weekends.

Our 2nd update is, finally I have come out with our department Master Dashboard SpreadSheet. All important informations are stored or linked in this spreadsheet. This will serve as our main platform for tracking as well as information storage aside from Podio.

The third update is this week, we will not have department meeting but instead we will be having team meeting. I hope you all still remember your own team. Do approach your Project Director for more info.

Green Earth Exhibition

Click this link for direct access to update your availability

Department Master Dashboard SpreadSheet

Click on the link for direct access to the spreadsheet

Task of The Week

If you guys still remember, I have gave some task to you all.

  1. Social Entreprise Market Segmentation: Please do find social entreprise in Southern Region (Johore) with detailed research and compile them in either Word or other usable apps.
  2. Email Signature: Do send to me an email through computer (noted: not through smartphone) and double check if you have added our Skype ID in it. If not, please do so.

The dateline for both tasks : 19 November 2014 (11.59.59 am)

P.S. Late submission wil have special prizes await them.

"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'." - Yoda(Star Wars)