Fabulous 5th Grade

Student Created, Teacher Aproved

Super Social Studies

All fifth grade students at West Wing School are currently preparing for JA Biztown. Students found out there assigned jobs and responsibilities on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016. The mayor of Biztown is Arturo Whipple who concludes that he is going to make sure that everybody gets there job done and does not slack. Fifth graders have also elected two DJs. Our DJs are currently Levi Larson and Philip Sfarcioc. To insure your child gets a good grade and has a successful time at the Biztown simulation make sure they fully understand the basics of checks, deposit tickets, and check register boxes.

Wonderful Writing

As all students should know, in writing we have been working on our New Years Resolution paragraph. The due date is .All students should know that we have been working on a friendly letter to other students in the class and that was due Wednesday, January 6th, so if you don't have that done, better work on it. Attention all parents, please ask your child if they have all these assignments in on time and that they understand the importance of these assignments. Have a great day!

Sensational Science

Fifth grade science has currently finished their unit of the "Human Body". This includes of the muscles, joints, tendons, and bones of the human body. Your students muscle and bone journal was due in the past. Now your student will be learning about "Levers and Pulleys", in a simple machine. Soon your child will work on putting together a science project, for the Science Fair on March 8th, 2016. That's only two months away! We hope you are very excited. To help your student you can ask what type of experiment they would enjoy planning out the scientific method for. Good luck! Check with your child to see what fun they are having in Science.

Super 6th Grade Math

Today in 6th grade math, the students got to play a game called paper pass. One of the major complaints the students have, is that one student in the group will eventually have multiple math problems to solve and grade. But when the student solves or grades one problem, they later get to pass it on and work on the next then another person will eventually have multiple papers until the group is all done with all papers.