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The Week of May 7, 2023

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Our Learning Community...

Thank you for all of the love our team received this week! We truly have the greatest community!

Next week our 3rd-5th graders begin the CAASPP state assessment and our entire school community is working together to create the best possible conditions for our test takers. We know our students are more than a single test score. All standardized tests have limitations and could never fully measure the brilliance that lies within each of our students. As we prepare, our goal is to set our students up for success. Igniting the Growth Mindset traits of effort, embracing challenges, and perseverance so that our students can show what they know and feel accomplished and proud of themselves when testing is complete.

If you have a 3rd-5th grader at home, your family can join us in supporting our learners. Being at school on time, every day makes a significant difference! In addition, it is important for students to have adequate sleep, eat balanced meals, drink plenty of water, and get exercise. You can also plan enjoyable and relaxing activities outside of school during our testing weeks to keep your child feeling relaxed and positive about the testing experience. Thank you for your support!

Highlights from the Week...

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Diversity & Representation in Literature

SDUSD utilized additional Title I funding at the end of last school year to purchase extensive diverse and inclusive texts for school sites. Once they were delivered we sorted and organized the books based on grade level and they are now wonderful new additions to our classroom libraries. We have been expanding representation in our classroom libraries for the last few years, so this shipment was a welcome addition to our growing collections.

"Just as the books I read influenced my dreams of one day becoming a writer, books about other kids—and men and women—of all colors, backgrounds, faiths, and orientations need to be available in order to shape the dreams of today’s readers. If children can’t see themselves in the books they read, or if they can’t find heroes who were like them as children, their dreams may never have the opportunity to form.

Seeing the world from another point of view fosters understanding, understanding creates empathy, and empathy closes the gap of fear and indifference. The more stories we offer kids that feature diverse characters, the greater their empathy will become. It’s human nature to be disengaged from what doesn’t affect us personally. But when we can walk in the shoes of characters whose lives are different from ours, their experiences affect us, their stories influence our perspective, and their lives matter to us. Their stories become part of our story, and that changes us."

~Marilyn Hilton, Author

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Jones Elementary Jog-A-Thon 2023

Upcoming Events...

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SDUSD Family Engagement Workshops

  • Being Involved: New Arrival Workshop for Refugee and Immigrant Families
  • Bullying: What Families Need to Know - Part 2 Zoom
    • May 15th | 5:30pm - 6:30pm
    • May 18th | 10:00am - 11:00am
The SDUSD Family Engagement Department's Event Calendar

Additional Resources for Families...

Looking Ahead...


9 - CAASPP Testing Begins (3rd - 5th Grade)

12 - PTA Ice Cream Social

16 - VAPA: UTK-2nd Grade

17 - Student Council's Student Store

19 - PTA Parents Night Out

22-25 - Scholastic Book Fair - Library

26 - No School: Non-Instructional Day

29 - No School: Memorial Day

30 - VAPA: 3rd-5th grade


1 - Spring Showcase of Learning: 5:00 - 6:30 pm

2 - Achievement Awards

7 - Student Council's Student Store

9 - Jones June Jamboree Sponsored by the PTA

12 - UTK Promotion & Kindergarten Promotion

13 - 5th Grade Promotion: 8:00 am in the Auditorium

14 - Last Day of School - Minimum Day

Jones Elementary

Our mission is to ensure ALL students meet or exceed grade level expectations through rigorous, high-quality, standards based instruction in a safe, nurturing, collaborative learning environment where all students are preparing to be global citizens, college and career ready.

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