Whats this secret societys purpose?By: Alexa Fleming 4/20/15

Theory #1

Illuminati has a new world order. Its no question that they exist at this point. But what is their purpose?

-Some people believe that the illuminati is a Satan worshipping society who are trying to take over the world.

-According to ("Illuminati:Conspiracy Theory shocks campus") many songs released by certain artists are hinting at the illuminati and their goals/purpose.

- For example Jay-z's songs named "Lucifer", "Take Over", "D'evils", and "Empire State of Mind" supposedly they all hint at the Illuminati.

- Jay-z refers to himself as J-Hova meaning god of rap ("Illuminati:Conspiracy theory shocks campus")

Theory #1

In the articles I researched the authors did not address the opposition.

-The reliable sources that I did find only talked about the purpose of illuminati they believed was, so overall they did not address the opposition

-The articles I viewed could have addressed the opposition by including facts that contradicted their argument and then refuted it. For example, many believe that it was a coincidence that Jay-Z named his certain songs names which referenced satanic beliefs. The authors could have refuted this by saying that the majority of Jay-Z's songs reference things he has been through and experienced so therefore the dark and evil songs he writes are most likely things that he has also experienced in Illuminati

Theory #2

A ".org" website means that, that page is run by a certain organization and is a reliable source.

There is a website run by the illuminati to clarify their purpose and their goals for the human species.

-According to their purpose is this: "The Illuminati's purpose is to secure the ongoing survival of the human species".

Not only does it address the Illuminati's purpose but also clarifies the Illuminati's beliefs.

-The Illuminati does not isolate itself to any one religion, nor do members of this secret society worship one god, or some sort of Lucifer.

-"We neither accept nor deny any deity and hold none to be higher than any other. We operate solely for the benefit of the human species we have been entrusted to protect."

Theory #2

The author did address the opposition many times throughout this website. He/she explained that yes, there are obviously rumors about the illuminati, but until those rumors are confirmed by the topic being discussed, do not believe them. And if you do chose to believe these false accusations, you're just as bad as the people spreading these rumors.

"Millions will follow the commandments of a religious text without ever having spoken to its author, and billions will believe in a deity because of miracles they were told of by someone who wasn’t even present nor alive at the time."

This quote basically says that even though we've never met, just like you've never met someone from the bible or any religious text, you still follow and trust the author. So what's the difference?

Many people have used the illuminati's and posed as someone in the Illuminati without actually knowing what it is or the main goal or actual purpose of the Illuminati.

According to "Even more heinous rumors have been attributed to our organization, including human sacrifices and violent rituals. While our individual members are allowed to serve any deity they choose, the Illuminati as a whole is only dedicated to the preservation of the human species."

In other words, Illuminati has no relation to satanic rituals or any sort of Lucifer or devil, and their organization has no correlation to any religion or god.

Myth vs Truth

I believe the Illuminati's purpose is to secure the human species survival.

I also believe that at times members can take advantage of their power, but I do not believe they have any correlation to any satanic or devils and that their purpose is only to do good and no bad. I think having a society above us to look out for us isn't a bad thing, as long as members don't use their power for evil and selfish purposes