By: Samantha

physical Science

Over the Summer I swam. Swimming is a physical science because your moving when you swim. Physical science is things that involve activity. Like swimming, soccer, track and field, and meny more!

Winning 50 free styal

When I heard I was swimming the 50 free I was so excited. But when I was about to start swimming I got really nervous. Then when I stepped up on to the block my nervous went away and I was ready to swim when I dove in I couldn't see any one so I went as fast as I could. When I got to the wall I still saw no one so I tried to swim even faster. When I touched the wall and looked up and saw every one still swimming I was so happy.

You should Know....

You should Know that I am a very unorganized person. You should also know that I am a slow typer. You should probably know that I am a bad speller with bad hand writting