Welcome to Geometry

Coach Montgomery

Contact Information

Eric Montgomery


972-564-3890 ext. 3068

Conference 7th period: 2:15-2:55



Tutoring is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings beginning at 7:45 am and Monday afternoons beginning at 3:50 pm.

Tutoring for Geometry is a team effort. You can go to any of the three Geometry teachers for assistance with notes/assignments and test reviews.

Course Description

Geometry is a course designed to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving, and application of algebraic skills to geometric situations. Students use coordinate, transformational and axiomatic approaches as well as spatial reasoning to develop an understanding of a variety of geometric concepts. Students apply formulas for distance, midpoint, perimeter, area, surface area and volume.

Prerequisite – Algebra I

Class Room Expectations

· Students should adhere to all classroom rules and procedures set forth by the instructor.

· Students are to be seated and ready to begin class prior to the tardy bell.

· Homework (Notes) is to be completed by the student prior to the start of class.

· Students are to bring all supplies included, but not limited to, pencils, notebooks, highlighters, and BYOD

· The students are released by the teacher, NOT the bell.

· Academic honesty is always expected in the classroom.

Grading Policy

Major Grades – 50% – Tests, major projects, research papers, etc.

Minor Grades – 40% – Quizzes, Classwork, Notebook

Homework – 10% - Notes, some assignments

Grade Computations

Final grades for classes not requiring state mandated EOC tests are computed by averaging the 1st and 2nd semester grades. Semester grades are computed using the following grade weights: 6/7 average of 3 6-weeks periods and 1/7 semester exam.