Genetic disease

What causes Alzheimer

It is unknown what causes Alzheimer's

Which chromosomes are effected by Alzheimer

The chromosomes affected are 1,14,19,21


  • Having less energy and drive to do things
  • Less interest in work and social activities and spending more time just sitting, watching TV, or sleeping
  • Loss of recent memories, like forgetting conversations and events that just happened
  • Language problems, like trouble putting their thoughts into words or understanding others
  • Mild coordination problems, such as trouble writing or using familiar objects.
  • A hard time with everyday tasks, such as following a recipe or balancing a checkbook
  • Mood swings that involve depression or a lack of interest
  • Trouble with driving, like getting lost on familiar route
  • Rambling speech
  • Trouble coming up with the right words and using the wrong ones
  • A hard time planning or solving problems
  • Confusion about time or place. He may get lost in places he’s been before. Once he’s there, he may not know how or why he got to that place.
  • Not dressing for the weather
  • Getting angry or upset easily, sometimes lashing out at family or caregivers
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Wandering
  • Delusions, such as thinking a caregiver is trying to hurt him
  • Can’t express themselves, remember, or process information
  • Problems with swallowing and control of their bladder and bowels
  • Weight loss, seizures, skin infections, and other illnesses
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that aren’t really there, called hallucinations
  • Can’t move easily on their own

Poullation affected

More than 5 million people are living with Alzheimer

Who are candidates for Alzhimers

Anyone it can be caused by head injury age anyone one with a defect on chromosome 21 is at a higher risk and children of people with Alzheimer are more at risk because it is a dominant gene as well as it is more common in women.


It can be sexually passed down and is dominant

What kind of medical assistance will the affected child need?

none this only affects people over 35 to 60

Will further assistance be needed, as the child grows older?

Yes when child hits the age of 35 to 60 it could begin to show

What is the long-term outlook for the child?

memory loss loss of brain function and being put in a home for Alzheimer patient.

what treatment options are there

Drug name

Brand name

Approved For

FDA Approved

1. donepezilAriceptAll stages1996

2. galantamineRazadyneMild to moderate2001

3. memantineNamendaModerate to severe2003

4. rivastigmineExelonAll stages2000

5. donepezil and memantineNamzaricModerate to severe2014

Could this disorder have been prevented?

nope there is no way to prevent it

Can this individual have children in the future?

Yes Alzheimer doesn't surface until above 35 to below 60

Will those children be affected?

yes there is a one in three chase that the child will carry or have Alzheimer.

What is the current status of research on this disorder?

little is know but were learning more

Is there a cure/new treatment coming soon?

not at the moment but research is working to it.