SWS News: Sept 4

Wow! Off to an impressive start!

Thanks for your support, SWS PARENTS!!

Well, we have a few days under our belts at this point, and it has been relatively smooth. Teachers are focusing on CONNECTIONS, RELATIONSHIPS, & COMMUNITY; just as they would at the beginning of a typical school year. The technology piece has been challenging as we are teaching some aspects right from the start, which were usually taught gradually after kids were here for a few weeks.

MANY parents have reached out to me to commend the teachers on their efforts, patience, kindness, and compassion during the last few days. Those are not going unnoticed; and, as I have said many times, it only takes a second to make someone's entire day!

Thanks for you help at home, in your home office, at your work office, at the grandparents, at the neighbors, etc. We know that there are a lot of ways and a lot of variables that you are taking into effect to make this work. You have my permission to add 'IT Consultant' to your resume if you would like...it is appreciated!! CONTINUE TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE TEACHERS ABOUT WHAT IS WORKING OR NOT FOR YOUR CHILD!

You'll see this on the school sign in a few days, as well as on my email signature lines:

"Remember, we are all dealing with the effects of a PANDEMIC. Thanks for being PATIENT and please stay SAFE!" That is a reminder not only to myself, but also to everyone that we are all in this together; if we are all patient with each other and doing our best, everything will work out.

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...back by popular demand...

Each morning, the announcements will be pushed out to your student's SEESAW or SCHOOLOGY account.

Hopefully, you enjoy them and they help to support a routine at home. You can play it as you wish at a time that helps your family. Some parents told me that hearing that wolf howl was like a signal to eat breakfast and get the day started!

If you want to help out and add to the fun, click JOKE of the DAY for a google form. Please do not email me the jokes...though they make me chuckle when I read them, they also tend to get buried in my inbox and may not end up getting used.

STAY CONNECTED with MS. KADIS, Starkweather Counselor

  1. Check out this COUNSELING VIDEO for how to get in touch with Ms. Kadis.
  2. Then click Ms. Kadis's Virtual Counseling Office and Calming Corner...it is pretty cool.
  3. Finally, check out the info BELOW for a zoom session designed to help parents help their kids at home.
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What does being a TITLE 1 SCHOOL mean??

All families received a paper copy of the TITLE 1 letter in their back to school Learning Materials bags, as well as an email with the PDF of the letter. Here is another avenue to understand how and why SWS is now considered a TITLE 1 school:

  • What is Reading Support / TITLE 1 Support? This support is small group instruction provided by a Reading Specialist, and is focused on literacy skills. We use multiple criteria to identify students for this support.
  • What is TITLE 1? Started in 1965, this Federal Assistance Program is focused on supporting students' academic achievement levels. Funding is distributed to schools based on economic need. TITLE 1 funds in WCASD help us to provide additional reading support to eligible buildings.
  • How do we use TITLE 1 funds in WCASD? These funds help us to pay for an additional Reading Specialist who facilitates: reading support for students, parent workshops/meetings, support homeless students with supplies, TITLE 1 Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)--the parents and staff working together for our children.
  • Why is my child receiving reading support / TITLE 1 support? Your child qualified based on universal screening (assessment) data. The Reading Specialist will provide small-group, differentiated, and targeted instruction.
  • How does TITLE 1 support the core classroom instruction? Reading Specialists target areas of need to accelerate learning. Reading Specialists incorporate reading, writing, speaking, and listening into their group work. Reading Specialists serve as a guide to help students apply these learned skills, and meet regularly with classroom teachers to collaborate about the instruction given.


We are starting to get some orders arriving from our vendors. When that happens, I will send an email to those specific grades.

If you were one of the last families to pick up your colorful Learning Materials bag, we were out of Art Bags at that point.

If you need art supplies, you can reach out to Mrs. Loveland to arrange getting some supplies from her by email at kloveland@wcasd.net.

What is the PE toolbox?

Ms. McCabe has posted the list of things that are helpful, but NOT essential, for Phys Ed classes in a virtual world. These are not something that you have to go out and purchase...if you have them at home, great!

  1. Small ball that bounces / rolls
  2. Two bath towels
  3. A target (a laundry basket or a box)
  4. A paper towel roll or small pool noodle
  5. 3 sock balls
  6. 12 paper plates
  7. A balloon or a beach ball
  8. 3 plastic bags or scarves
  9. 12 plastic solo cups
  10. A paper and pencil
Any questions, feel free to reach out to Ms. McCabe! bmccabe@wcasd.net



Ms. Gualtieri will be here for the year as our caseworker, in place of Ms. McLaughlin. We are excited to work with Ms. Gualtieri and the assistance she can bring to our families!

MS. BRIANNA McCABE--Health & Phys Ed

Ms. McCabe will be filling in for Mrs. Douglas during her maternity leave, and she is very excited to join the Starkweather team!


Mrs. Renauro comes to us with years of experience supporting students, and is ready to hit the ground running. Mrs. Renauro joins Mrs. Svelling and Mrs. Hutton on our Learning Support team.

MS. MOLLY NEUBERT--Reading Specialist

Ms. Neubert is an experienced Reading Specialist, and is looking forward to meeting our kids! She will join Mrs. Stoddard and Mrs. Mastrilli (re-joining us from a couple years ago). Mrs. Iaboni retired over the summer.

MRS. ROBYN KING--English Language Learners

Mrs. King will join Mrs. Amen in supporting our students in the English Language Learners group. Mrs. King will bring additional support and we are excited to have her aboard.

MS. LEAH JURIK--Orchestra

Ms. Jurik is looking forward to continuing the great experience we have enjoyed with our musical students! Mrs. Park retired over the summer.

Gifted / Math Specialist

Ms. Caroulis will be moving from 3rd gr classroom teacher to being our SWS Gifted Resource Teacher / Math Specialist.


Like every other school in the WCASD, some of our staff will be working with students who signed up for the Cyber program.

Ms. Keys (1st), Ms. Brooks (4th), Mrs. Bushnell (5th), and Mrs. Hutton (Sp Ed)

Drop Off and Pick Up Details

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*GREEN= Car Loop* *YELLOW = Bus Loop* *Red Arrows=Pay Attention!!*

During Drop Off times in the morning, and Pick Up time in the afternoon, cars and buses share the same driveway. Be careful where you see the RED ARROWS!!

  • When we are back to a HYBRID model or fully back to school, the drop off time runs from 8:30 am to 9:05 am.
  • Class instruction begins at 9:10.
  • Parents should follow the green arrow, and use the Car Line Loop only.
  • Once you've pulled off the driveway and are in the Car Line Loop, you may drop off anywhere along the sidewalk. In the morning, when we are busy, you do not need to wait until you are up at the flagpole to drop off. We can unload 5-6 cars at once :)
  • Class instruction ends at approximately 3:30.
  • At the end of the day, pick up time runs from 3:35 to 3:50.
  • There is crossover where the buses need to pull around the car line to get to the bus lane. This happens more often in the afternoons.
  • As long as all drivers are cautious, everything runs smoothly.
  • The driveway gets backed up at the end of the day, but once we start moving, it goes quickly.
  • We load 4-5 cars at once in the afternoon.
  • If the cars in front of you have not dropped off or picked up in the afternoon, it is ok to safely pass cars and proceed through the Car Line Loop.
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Hi parents! Welcome back! We hope your week went as smooth as possible! We will send a separate note soon with PTO-related news and information. Feel free to email swspto.communication@gmail.com for any questions! And remember to like and follow our Facebook page @StarkweatherPTO for news and reminders!

The Starkweather PTO Executive Team

Co-Presidents: Mia Clark and Christine Kupiac swspto.president@gmail.com

VP of Budget: Jason Ritter


VP of Communication: Patti Suchanick swspto.communication@gmail.com

Secretary: Danielle Skupp


Treasurer: Kevin Coffman

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class of 2019 fifth graders--we will miss you!