Which Liquid Has the Most Density?

Hypothesis: If you put pomegranate, white grape, and orange juice in a glass, then the pomegranate juice will float to the top because it has the least density.

Ways I will make this a controlled experiment:

  1. I will have 50 mL of each substance
  2. I will only use the direct juice, no watering it down
  3. The glass will be completely clean and can hold all of the liquid
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In Conclusion:

I fond that the pomegranate juice has the least sugar, so it has the least density. Because of that, that juice will float to the top. The orange juice has the second least amount of sugar, so it is below the pomegranate juice, and the white grape juice has the most sugar so it is on the bottom.
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I used the image, but not the actual sugar content.