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Hydraulic Mining's Success

Yesterday approximately 11 million ounces of gold has been recovered by hydraulicking. Hydraulic mining was used on gold bearing gravel beds in the gold fields. A high pressure hose is used to uncover the gold but a downside to it is it causes pollutants to flow into rivers and streams.

Congress Act Passed to Protect Yosemite National Park

Overgrazing by sheep and logging of Giant Sequoia were damaging the Yosemite Valley National Park. Today Congress passed an act to protect the park. John Muir encouraged congress to act on this issue. Congress agreed to pass an act to protect the park from further damage.

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Assimilation of Native Americans

The Federal government formulated a policy to encourage the civilizing process of the Natives. There was a growing public support for education encouraging a standard set of cultural values and practices to be held in most of the people. Education is used to detribalize the Indians and try to integrate into the nation's economy.

Farmers Issues

Because of the Industrial Revolution, railroads, are manufacturing all this wealth which is bringing the farmer's prosperity down. The farmers are now struggling to meet ends meet because, they are poor because their produce prices have to be so low. The industrial Revolution is good for the rest of the nation but not for the farmers.
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Letters to Editor

Mr. Welch,

Please extend my gratitude to all of the kind citizens of Sierra Nevada, for their thoughtful words and smiling faces. These actions made me feel welcomed to the civilian life, that I had been away from for so long. The people make me feel right at home.


Ann Watcowitz

Mr. Welch, I just had a long conversation with one of our mutual friends and was vary surprised by some of your unfounded assertions in regards to myself. This being, your opinion, I cannot resent, I do regret it being so unfavorable, although I do have the right to demand your grounds for saying I am a flirt, hypocrite, and have been in many dishonorable action. Please inform me with whom I have flirted, how I was a hypocrite and what dishonorable action I've done.

Jerry Whatts

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