Making Choices And Solving Problems

The Importance of the Creative Arts for Children and Teens

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Study Links Art Classes To Academic Achievement

Creating art is a fine way for children to make choices and solve problems. Every step involves making a decision: what color to use, how to make a line, what size to make something. With every choice the object becomes more and more their own.

Everyone has an imagination. Art takes it a step further. Through art, children create something that, until that point, was only imagined. Thus, they create visual manifestations of abstract ideas.

In a ten-year national study by Shirley Brice Heath of Stanford University, it was discovered that young people who are involved in highly effective non-school arts-based community programs in under-resourced communities, in comparison with a national sample of students were:

  • Four times more likely to win an academic award, such as being on the honor roll.
  • Eight times more likely to receive a community service award.
  • Three times more likely to win a school attendance award.
  • Four times more likely to participate in a math or science fair.
  • Likely to score higher on their SAT college admission test scores if they have been involved for more than four years of after-school arts study.

Our role as parents and educators is to expose our children to a variety of materials so that they can create art. Once the variety is offered, children will then start to work with choices... But without the exposure, there is no choice. Excerpt from Jay Davidson's column, author of Teach Your Children Well: A Teacher’s Advice for Parents. Read the full article here.

Help your child build their decision-making and problem solving skills while developing their inner artist! By the end of the week, your child will have amassed a collection of personal masterpieces for you to enjoy. Opportunities to create at IQuest this summer include: Storyland Art & Minion Art (Ages 4-6), Comic Book Drawing, Painting with the Masters (French Impressionism & Modern Art), Davinci Art, Film, and Claymation (all for Ages 8+). Let's make some art together!

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