Aya Glass produces hand Crafted glass products using warm glass method of moulds and kilns and not glass blowing! All goods are manufactured by hand from the inception of design, choice of mould, size, material, cutting of glass, polishing - from start to finish - in Lusaka. Materials used are locally sourced glass sheets purchased from Zam Chin, and imported glass sheets, Bulls Eye, from the UK. The two different types of glass require different treatment, trimmings and methods of design. For the Zam Chin glass, the majority of the designs are created using hand cut fibre paper designs which are imprinted onto the glass in the first production stage in the kiln. Due to the co-efficient of the glass, we cannot mix the two glass types together. The Bulls Eye range of glass is brighter, more colourful and can be worked on in layers. All the pieces - large or small require a minimum of 20 hours in the kiln in a two part process- this does not include the design work or rather my time. Aya Glass range includes an assortment of bowls and platters from 18cm in diameter to 52 cm and maximum 45cm x 45cm for squares.

Additional products include ashtrays, recycled wine bottles with ethnic inspired etching, poems both hand engraved and laser etched. New to the Aya Glass stable is the inclusion of a laser engraver which expands the product range to include top quality range of wedding favours, gifts and corporate gifts laser engraved with logo on glasses, bottles & wood. Our products can be custom designed to suit your requirements.