August 27th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

Knowing our New Crew - Mrs. Salazar

Howdy Ponies! From the picture below, I hope you can conclude that I am a proud-band momma! My son, Ethan, is a Junior in high school, and I reminisce every time I observe him in the field. My choice instrument was the clarinet, and my husband, Rick, was a drummer. Recently, we celebrated our 25th anniversary! Our daughter, Emma, is nine.

Rick and I grew up in South Texas, specifically, Rio Hondo, a small town of about 2,000 residents. In 2002, we moved to Dallas and fell in love with the area. We relocated so that he could attend Christ for the Nations Institute and never returned to the valley. Most of my in-laws reside in the valley, and my mom and siblings reside in Houston.

In 2007, I earned my undergrad degree from UT-Dallas, thereafter in 2015, my master’s from TWU. While completing my undergrad, I began my journey in education as a preschool teacher. My most recent classroom experience was as a fourth grade ELAR/SS educator at Central. I am blessed to remain within the LISD family. I’m excited about my learning at LVES and look forward to building relationships with our students and many of you.

Activities that relax me include Zumba, choice reading, watching movies, and spending uninterrupted time with my family.

LVES Mission and Vission

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Campus Improvement Plan Goals I and II

Click here to see the campus improvement plan that was introduced during inservice week. These goals need to drive your LEAD goals and instruction.

Goals III and IV will be created on Thursday, August 30th with the Building Leadership Team (BLT).

Experts Among experts! A helping Hand

We have so much knowledge among each other. I want to challenge you to become a helping hand.

  • What does this mean?

If you have expertise for example in the area of guided reading, then you can become the helping hand for others that want to learn more about it. Other teachers could observe you, pick your brain, and even plan with you.

Please complete this google form if you want to be a helping hand. I will publish your name/picture on our next Pony News.

Parent Orientation

  • K - 2nd September 6th from 5:00pm to 6:00 p.m.
  • 3rd - 5th September 6th from 6:00pm to 7:00 p.m.
  • Please include during your parent orientation information about LVES being part of the No Excuses University (NEU) initiative.
  • Click here for English NEU information.
  • Click here for Spanish NEU information.
  • Click here for an example of a Parent Orientation presentation.
  • Please include during your parent orientation information about Restorative Practices.
  • Click here for ideas regarding Restorative Practices.
  • Bread, ham, turkey, humus, cheese, and chips will be available at 3:30 in the lounge for a light snack before you welcome your parents on September 6th.


  • Elementary tutorials will begin on September 11th. It is mandatory that all teachers tutor after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, teachers may choose to offer additional tutoring before or during school hours.

  • Individual classroom data will determine the focus of the tutorials.

  • Teachers may use multiple means to determine who is in need of tutoring- formative and summative assessments, classroom grades (close to failing or failing), prior STAAR results, iStation scores, math screener scores, CBA’s, Benchmarks, etc.

  • Teachers are required to offer tutoring to students who fail any major grade on a report card.

  • Teachers will identify students receiving tutoring and document their attendance on the Attendance Spreadsheet or ( )

  • Parents must be notified of their child’s progress at the end of each reporting period/progress report time.

  • In cases where students cannot attend tutoring sessions before or after school, tutoring may be offered during the day—in conjunction with, not in place of, regular class time. Students may not miss recess to complete tutorials, per new state law. Study hall will not be a part of the duty rotations.

  • Anytime that after-school tutoring will be canceled, please inform the office in advance of this cancellation so that they may appropriately answer parent phone calls and questions.

  • For dismissal, one teacher from each grade level will keep all students who will receive tutoring in his/her classroom until dismissal duties have been completed.

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday, August 27th
  • LEAD's Pre Conference window begins
Tuesday, August 28th
  • CPI Meeting 3:15

Wednesday, August 29th

  • Dress for Success
  • 2018-19 Principal U (Mrs. Valdes off campus)
  • Multilingual Coordinator on campus

Thursday, August 30th

  • BLT Meeting 3:15 to 4:30
  • IPad Deployment

Friday, August 31st

  • Spirit Day
  • LEF Employee Giving Campaign Ends


click here to submit a Shout-Out.
  • Mrs. Anguita and Ms. Medlock for our GT training. Thanks for the materials and explanations to help us learn about our Ponies.
  • Thank you Mrs. Maurier for being an awesome partner during Daycare Dismissal.
  • Mrs. Arocha and Mrs. Salazar for your dedication to learning your new jobs and for being so flexible. You have been ready and willing to help out at a moment's notice. You are both sincerely appreciated.
  • Thank you Kim Grove for once again helping LVES with our technology needs. You always take such wonderful care of us.
  • Specials Team, thanks for the wonderful video examples of your restorative circles, and for the delicious nachos.
  • To Ms. Boston, Ms. Hernandez, and Ms. Lopez for being helpful to first year teachers.
  • Ms. Snell for helping out and guiding during a difficult situation.
  • 4th Grade team - thanks for being awesome and flexible!
  • Kim Kilam - for being a great mentor to our newbies!
  • Shout to Mrs Kilam for being a rockstar and sharing how to successfully set up a weekly schedule!!! You are a rockstar!
  • Mrs. Hernandez for keeping 3rd grade organized.
  • Mrs. Bodiford for creating posters for afternoon dismissal.
  • Ms.Butler for rescuing our shirts and helping to get us on track creating them. :)
  • Mrs. McNamara- For helping out our community donating crayons and markers. Thank you!
  • To Mrs. Dickinson - For running around finding students at afternoon dismissal.
  • Thank you Mrs. Valdes, Betty and Vando for our remodeled staff lounge. It is beautiful!
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