2022 End of Year Tech Procedures

from your Instructional Coach


Housekeeping #1: Complete the Software Audit 2022

It's time for our 2022 Software Audit. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT INSTALLED ANY SOFTWARE, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM. Please follow the directions in the form carefully!

Housekeeping #2: Teacher Laptops


  • If you are returning to SCH next year and KEEPING your laptop for use over the summer, you will need to make sure the BOX is stored safely in whatever room you are moved to and then, bring your laptop, charger, and pen to ME to check in and back out in our library system (librarians asked that I do it this year). For those leaving and/or not checking out your laptops (read info in next bullet point) for the summer, you will pack everything in the original box (charger, laptop, pen), bring to me to check in the library system. **If you are returning, you will check it out at the beginning of the year through the library.**
  • If you do NOT intend to keep your laptop over the summer, it must be packed up in the box you received it in with the pen and charger and brought to my NEW office for check-in.
  • Whether you keep your laptop by checking it in and back out or just checking it in for the summer, please follow these instructions: Before you leave or pack up your laptop for the end of the year, you should be sure to sync up your laptop with our server by completing the following: bring in your teacher laptops, login, wait a few minutes, then Shut Down. The sync program is actually activated on Shutdown. When you power the laptop back on, it will run all the updates. If you do not sync right before the end of school, the Microsoft Office licenses for Word, PPT, etc., will expire after 90 days, and the computer will not work without Joe Pheifer (our technician) working on it.
  • Finally, IF you are moving rooms next year, please MOVE YOUR LAPTOP BOX to your new location!! Do NOT leave it in your old room!

Housekeeping #2a: Office 365 Groups

For any Office 365 Group that you are the admin of an Office 365 group (like a PLC or department group), you need to go in and designate another admin in case you are no longer the leader of the same group next year or if you plan on leaving. ***Very important as once the admin's account has been deleted, other members will have no way to access the group or make anyone an admin. If you need instructions on how to do this, let me know!

Housekeeping #2b: Clean out email, upload files to OneDrive, archive TEAMs, Archive this year's Schoology courses

Click here to watch "Cleaning Out Your Email".

Click here to watch "Uploading Files & Folders to OneDrive".

Click here to review how to archive TEAMs from this year. We do not use SDS in our county, so you will need to use the manual option. **IMPORTANT** Please wait to do this until AFTER June 24th, when Credit Recovery for High Schools ENDS. ALSO, IF YOU ARE LEAVING OUR SCHOOL, PLEASE GO INTO EACH TEAM YOU HAVE ASSIGNED WORK AND MAKE _____________ AN OWNER IN THOSE TEAMS.

Housekeeping #3 - Packing up the room's tech equipment-see tasks below.

Before you begin, please swing by my old office and pick up your plastic tubs (CTE folks will receive gallon-size plastic ziploc bags). After packing items up per the directions below, you will RETURN your plastic tub or ziploc bag, your Interwrite/Mobi board, and Epson Document Cams to my office. Nothing should be taped shut to ensure items can be inspected to ensure all equipment is accounted for. **CTE-Please turn in these items to me again.**

#3-Task 1: 2 to 1 Devices (Laptops) & KEYS TO CARTS/STATIONS

  • If you have a rolling cart, please open and ensure your laptops are placed back in the correct slots numerically (1-15). If you know of any damage to a laptop, please tape a list to the top of the cart with the laptop # and a description of the damage. Bundle up the power plug to the cart with a long twisty tie or rubber band so it can be safely rolled to the library. ROLL THESE TO THE LIBRARY, PLEASE.
  • If you have a desktop station, open and ensure that all laptops are back in their coordinating numbered slots numerically (1-15). If you know of any damage to a laptop, please tape a list to your desk with the laptop # and a description of the damage. In the right hand corner, put the room number. Finally, please cover with an old sheet (NO PLASTIC BAGS) so that as floors are stripped and waxed dust does not settle into the charging station and on laptops, leave station plugged in and ON.


#3- Task 2: Remotes, Pens (that "talk" to your board), Rechargeable Batteries/Chargers (Items that go in the plastic tub or Ziploc bag)

Please read and follow the directions below:

  • Remove non-rechargeable batteries from any of your remotes and put in a small plastic ziploc bag by themselves, NOT with the remote(s).
  • Remove all re-chargeable batteries from pens and place in the same plastic bag as above. The battery charger will be placed in the tub w/o any batteries. You are responsible for having 4 batteries + the charger. ***If any batteries or the charger are missing, you will be asked to replace them for that room.
  • Locate your pen box and ensure there are 2 pens back in that box.
  • Place the projector remote, ziploc bag with batteries, charger with batteries in the charger, and the box containing your 2 pens in the plastic bin/tub labeled with the room number you are CURRENTLY in.

See picture below of items needed for this task.

: If you are missing any of your rechargeable batteries, the charger, or your remote, please see the following links for where to obtain replacements. Click here for rechargeable batteries/charger replacement. Click here for remote replacement.

**If you are in a room with a hanging screen, you will not have rechargeable batteries, battery charger or pens.

#3 - Task 3: Collect all Mobi parts, place in box, and close (do not tape it up).

  • See pictures below for parts to your Mobi board

**(Some teachers did not check out this item.)

#3 - Task 4: Collect the parts to the Epson Document Cameras

  • Check to make sure you have all the pieces in the picture below (left picture). Place inside the Epson box, but do NOT tape it up so I can check for everything when you return.

See pictures below for parts that should be in your box.

**Some teachers did not check out this item.

Housekeeping #4: Cleaning procedures

Any stationary technology equipment in your room (teacher & student desktops, printer, and teacher cart) should receive their annual thorough cleaning. In addition, ALL teacher carts need to be wiped down with antibacterial spray and paper towels on ALL levels and inside the "hidden door area" where little mouse "gifts" can be found. You should also use my blower to clean out the hidden gems in your keyboards and dust bunnies in the vent holes of your computers.
For new teachers, you do not have to go out and buy any cleaning supplies!! ***I have the following items in my office for your convenience: Clorox Wipes, Disinfectant Spray, Monitor Cleaning spray/cloths, Paper Towels, and 2 handy blowers.***

#4 - Task 1: Preparing your TEACHER CART, PRINTER, and STUDENT STATIONS for the summer

*Teacher Cart, Desktop Computers, and Lexmark Printers Are Not to be Moved From Their Assigned Room*

  • Label your teacher cart on the top and side(s) with your CURRENT room number with masking or painters tape NOT A SHARPIE. (DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON THE COMPUTER ITSELF!!)
  • HINT: Take a picture of where all the cables plug into the wall for future reference for the beginning of next year BEFORE you do the following:
  • *TEACHER CART: UNPLUG all cables, including electrical, from the wall behind the teacher cart and throw them over the top of the cart so they can be easily rolled to the hallway later. ROOM PRINTER & STUDENT WORK STATIONS: LEAVE plugged in and on the counter at the back of the room FREE OF ITEMS around them!

Housekeeping #5: Textbook or any other RCS Software Must Be Checked In

Any textbook (or other) county owned software you have in your room must be turned in. Please place in your bin (if it will fit) and return WITH YOUR OTHER TECH ITEMS.

If you are leaving us...

**Whether you are retiring or leaving Rutherford County employment at the end of this year, all Office 365 email accounts (which includes OneDrive files) will be deleted sometime within 3 days of your employment ending in RCS. If you need any of your files, be sure to download these to a USB drive or your own personal device. If you need help with this, please let me know.

** Again, if you are leaving and you are the admin of an Office 365 group (like a PLC or department group), you need to go in and designate another admin. ***Very important as once the admin's account has been deleted, other members will have no way to access the group or make anyone an admin. If you need instructions on how to do this, let me know!


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Have a Fabulous Summer Break! YOU Deserve It!

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