So Much Closer By: Susan Colasanti

Angie & Erica

Title : So Much Closer.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Main Characters:

Brooke- brown hair, has major crush on Scott Abrams sio she followed him to New York, jealous, obsessed with crumbs, loves NYC, extremly smart but does't like to show it.

Scott Abrams- Tall, very loose, "Office" freak.

Sadie- likes Carlos, very intimidating

John- Has crush on Brooke, mental issues, need tutor

Plot Events:

Brooke moves to NYC to follow her crush Scott Abrams so she can finally talk and be with him (because she thinks they are made for eachother). When Brooke moves to NYC she is leaving behind her mother and all of her closest friends. When she gets there she finally see's her father for the first time in 2 years. After a while of becoming friends with Scott, she finally tells him the truth. Big shocker comes to place and it'll change the whole mood of the book! Then a tragedy comes and everything is ruined! Then she comes to find out that she really loves someone ELSE who she never even thought she would ever fall in love with.


- Sometimes your dreams may not become what you expected.

1. When Scott and Brooke broke up

2. She didn’t expect to get into fights on her way to turn her dream to reality.

3. She falls in love with someone she never expected would ever happen.