⚒Nat Turner’s Rebellion⚒


Nat turner was a brave African american slave whose rebellion was one of the biggest in that time. He was brave to fight against many white slave owners

Early life

He was born in Southampton County,Virginia on October, 2, 1800. He was born to an African american slave so he was also an African american slave. Turner had to work day and night in the fields. Soon when he was about 15, he ran away from his overseer, Samuel Turner. Nat soon returned a week later because of a “vision” that said to return to his owner.

Early life

Soon after he returned, Samuel Turner died and Nat was now sold to Joseph Travis. Nat was married to another slave woman named Cherry. Another farmer bought Cherry and their children which was common for most slave families. Nat still didn’t know when to revolt so he worked, prayed, and preached. He preached at different places, and he became more familiar with where he went. On May, 1828, Again heard the voice telling to kill his owners with his own weapons. Once again Nat waited for a sign to act. The sign was on August 21,1831. The sky grew dark because of sunspots and the sun turned a pale shade of green. Nat knew this was his final sign for act.

Adult life/rebellion

When they revolted, they first went to Travis’s house to get guns and ammo. They went upstairs and killed Travis, his wife, and his kids. They moved from house to house stealing food, horses, and ammo/guns. They only went to slave owners’ houses. Some slave owners escaped Turner’s men and warned other slave owners about his rebellion. When they reached the bridge of Jerusalem, the slave owners were waiting for them. Nat’s men retreated and the slave owners chased and captured many of them. Nat himself hid with about 5 other slaves behind a couple of barrels. He sent them to get other slaves to continue the rebellion but they did not come back because they were probably captured. Turner then went back to Travis’s house, knowing that the slave owners knew his hiding place. Once there, he dug a hole under a pile of fence rails. He hid there for at least 6 weeks. He started to get hungry after running out of food supplies and went to get more food. Turner had only the chance to take one step before a slave owner captured him. He was brought to jail and put in there for weeks until they knew what to do with him. Soon after the judge found Turner guilty of leading the slave rebellion. His sentence was to be hanged and skinned. He died on November 11 1831 in Southampton County Virginia.

Major accomplishments

Nat has many major accomplishments. Turner almost accomplished his goal to rebel to end slavery. If he reached Jerusalem, he would have ended slavery. But unfortunate for them, some of the slave owners escaped. He was forced to retreat while the other slave owners advanced. He accomplished to cover all the land all the way to Jerusalem. He also accomplished to scare the slave owners and defeated them a little bit. Turner accomplished to have one of the biggest revolts in that time. He inspired other slaves to revolt on the idea of freedom from slavery. Turner led to other major and minor rebellions.