Media Moments

3rd Grade Edition - August 2014

Welcome to Media Moments

In this monthly newsletter, I will be sending you resources that are aligned to your pacing guide. Most of the resources that I include in these newsletters will be available in the media center but I will also be including a few technology resources and ideas of how to incorporate them into your instruction.

I hope that you will find these resources helpful.

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Back to School Books

I have created a resource list of books that are good for back to school read-alouds. All of the books are available in the media center.

Finding Nemo: First Day of school
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Math Resources

Books about Place Value:

  • A Place for Zero by Angeline Sparagna LoPresti
  • What is Place Value by J.S. Osborne
  • Sir Cumference and all the king's tens: a math adventure by Cindy Neuschwande

I have placed these books in a resource list for third grade. To find out if they are available in the media center, click the link below and scroll to find the books listed.

Online Resources:

Science Resources

Below is a great science introduction activity.

There is also a good book in the media center to go along with the activity. This book is also great at introducing the scientific method to your class.

  • How Scientists Work by Natalie M. Rosinksy

How To Be a Scientist
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Tech Tip

As you begin the year, I am sure you are thinking of ways to organize and simplify things within your classroom. Remind is a great app that you can use to communicate with your class parents. Instead of wasting valuable paper and time to type out, print, and copy a reminder for your class, you can use Remind to keep your parents informed. Check it out!