Paterson Press

Great Week

I wanted to write this special newsletter to brag about your kids. Yesterday we had our surprise field trip and everyone did a great job! The dress rehearsal was not as wonderful as I would have expected. The cast was not in costume and did not run all of the scenes, so it was difficult for the kids to follow. Then in the middle of the rehearsal, the high school had the fire alarm go off and we had to go in to the parking lot for 15 mins. We returned to the auditorium to watch the rest off the performance for about 30 more minutes. Your kids were amazing! They were so quiet, followed directions and were very patient. I was so impressed with their social skills. Even the high school teachers commented to me how well behaved they were.

We walked across the hall to the big gym to join the high school students in their adaptive P.E. class. Their Circle of Friends helped us and the coach was fun. Ms. Lindsey was there too. At the end, the coach took us out to the track where the high schoolers go. Very cool. We ran/walked two laps on the track then took a picture on the football field!!

We were definitely ready for lunch at McDonald's after all that exercise! Maddie's daddy even met us there! Everyone, again, was so patient waiting to order their lunch. We all got Peanuts toys too!

Then it was off to the park. It was a perfect weather day. Everyone played so well together at the park. Heritage Park is a great park to take your kids any day!!!

When we returned to school, we relaxed and started to watch the Broadway version of the play Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby. The kids were staring at the screen and loved it! We will watch the rest of it today since we will not have music therapy. Ms. Mary is out of town at a music conference. We can't wait to see what Captain Hook is going to do to Peter Pan!!

This morning we celebrated Veteran's Day with the whole school. We had a very moving ceremony in the gym with several veteran's speaking, patriot music from the honor choir, and pictures honoring student's relatives. Again, your kids did amazing during an assembly and knew how to be respectful.

Give each one of them a special hug tonight and tell them how GREAT they are!