Eleanor Norcross Stratton

My Great Grandmother

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Family Crest.


Eleanor Stratton was born in Grafton, Massachusetts in 1909. She moved to Arlington, Mass. and lived most of her life there. She was the oldest of six children in her family. Melville N. Stratton, her father, was born in Colorado, and ended up working as an agent for the Educational Bureau. (Now there is a school in Arlington named after Melville. It is called Stratton Elementary in his honor!) Her mother, Helen E. Stratton,was born in Grafton as well in 1880.
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Timeline of her life. (Her life on top, world on bottom)


Eleanor graduated from Fitchburg State Teaching College in 1934. The college is located in the town of Fitchburg, Mass. After graduating, Eleanor took the job as a teacher and worked until she was married to John Geary in 1936. Back then women couldn't work if they were married because the great depression had left many men jobless. When she was older, she tried to start teaching again as a substitute, but didn't like it and stopped working.


Eleanor lived through both of the world wars, the Vietnam war, and the Cuban missile crisis. Her son Paul (my grandpa) was in the Vietnam war as an adviser in 1966-'67. Later, both of her sons, Richard and Paul were involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis. They were both stationed on ships blockading the island during the conflict. Luckily, neither of them were hurt in the wars.
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Eleanor Stratton age 5 , bow in hair with mother Helen and sister Elizabeth.