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Nuclear and Solar

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is found at the core of a atom, it is created when atomic bonds are formed. The atomic bonds are broken with nuclear fission, when the bonds are broken it releases the nuclear energy. It is most commonly used in one of two ways, the first is the energy produces heat and then used for energy. The second is to make the energy convert to steam, then power large turbines which convert it to electrical energy.

What should we do?

This is a topic that science has been contemplating for years what to do, But there are ways we can decreases the risk for example we can cut back on the amount of nuclear energy we use by using other sources for example my next topic, solar energy.
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Solar Energy

Solar energy is a energy completely from the sun. It is formed by harvesting the sun's energy with P.V cells which transfers the sun's radiant and thermal energy to electrical energy that goes on to heat houses and power buildings.

Fun Facts :

  • The P.V cells were created by Bell Telephone researchers.
  • Scientists came up with a idea to make a island completely used for solar energy

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By: Ella Mutziger