A story that will hopefully change your mind about things!

The story!

Pay it Forward

By:Tea Skinner

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could live in a world with happiness everywhere. I think it would rock! “How do we do that?”,you might ask.Well one simple thing, and it’s called PAY IT FORWARD. First one person has to start, maybe it could even be you. You will do something nice for someone then hopefully that person will do something nice to another person and the chain reaction will keep going. I think that PAY IT FORWARD will be an awesome thing for us to learn!

There are some very sad things that go on in this world, like BULLYING nobody likes it! It doesn't help that a tons of people do it. So doing something nice for someone will help a lot. I really hope that our world will change and kind people will rule the world! You might push someone down or hit them and think no big deal but you are thinking the wrong thing! As soon as you do that , the person you bullied might go home and cry ,cry ,cry cry and cry! So don’t bully! ? Being nice would really help the world out !

One of the random acts of kindnesses that I have done was, one time when my mom was exercising and my brother and sister were taking a nap, I cleaned the whole basement and plus I even made a salad for my mom to be just a little extra nice! After she was done exercising she saw that I had cleaned the basement and made her a salad, she was so excited that I had done such a thing. She gave me some money for my bank account and told my dad what I had done. I was proud and we even PAID IT FORWARD!

One thing I am going to do is help my mom pay for dance at ‘Dancin With Roxie. It is very expensive and I would like to help pay for it. I would like to make things or do a fundraiser to help me get that money ! I know that my mom would love it if she didn't have to pay all that money for me to dance!

My family and I are doing one really big thing. What we do is sponsor a girl in Ethiopia and her name is Robe. We communicate by letters and sometimes we even send her boxes with things and clothes in them! She sent us a picture of herself and she is very pretty! The reason we do this is because in Ethiopia there was a really bad storm and now not even a small bit of people have $1 dollar. So that is why we help her.

I hope you feel very different after this story. I know that I feel different for sure! Now when you are taking a walk and see someone that needs help, go ahead take a stand help them out, and just maybe they will PAY IT FORWARD!
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