The Midwest Region

created by Yasmin

The Midwest people

A long time ago a bunch of people that were called The Mound Builders.They were called that because they built large hills.Mound Builders farmed,traded,and build cities.One time the biggest Mississippian cities,Cahokia,may have had up to 20,000 people living there.

Michigan symbols

Michigan is in the Midwest.There is a state bird which is the redbreast robin.Also the state mammal is a white-tailed deer.The state reptile is the painted turtle.Then the state fish is the brook trout.The state flower is the apple blossom

Our land

The Midwest region sits in between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains.Even so there are no oceans in the Midwest there is plenty of water from our lakes.

Our rivers

When the glaciers melted they created rivers .The water there is fertile or it was filled with vitamins and minerals that plants need to grow.A lot of the states in the Midwest such as Iowa and Ohio, now have lots of fertile soil.Fertile soil lets farmers produce crops that are healthy.
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