5th Grade News!

November 30th - December 4th

Luggage/Medication Drop Off

Friday, Dec. 4th, 6pm

Norris Elementary School, Frisco, TX, United States

Frisco, TX

Bring your Luggage for Pine Cove and Medication to turn in to Nurse Violet. We will store the students' luggage in locked classrooms over the weekend, so on Monday, students just need to bring themselves!

Pine Cove

Monday, Dec. 7th, 8am to Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 2:45pm

Pine Cove Timbers, Flint, TX, United States

Flint, TX

Norris Now Performance

Friday, Dec. 11th, 2pm

Norris Elementary School, Frisco, TX, United States

Frisco, TX

Barnes and Noble Night

Monday, Dec. 14th, 5:30-7pm

2601 Preston Road

Frisco, TX


This week we will focus on Geometry. Students need to understand and be flexible with geometry vocabulary. The goal is that students know there is a hierarchy of sets and subsets with both 2-D and 3-D figures. Some shapes have many names. For example, a square can be called a square, a rectangle, a rhombus, a parallelogram, a quadrilateral, or a polygon based on it's attributes.

All squares can be called rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares... think about it. Students will have to understand this!

Geometry Vocabulary:




right angle

obtuse angle

acute angle







This week in writing we will start working on expository writing. The students will be learning the characteristics of expository texts.

Homework: Study Spelling Words


This week we will identify and use transition words correctly when writing.


1. advice

2. chose

3. solution

4. investigate*

5. punctuate*

6. motivate*

7. legality

8. legal

9. locality

10. local

11. metallic

12. metal

Challenge List

1. duplicate*

2. nominate*

3. procrastinate*

4. fascinate*

5. complicate*


This week we continue working on our first Earth and Space unit. The students will be learning how fossils are formed. The goal of the week is for the students to be able describe the process of how fossils form and what type of rocks they are found in.

HOMEWORK: Unit 3 Vocabulary words and STEMscopes activity Week 3


This week in Reading we identify Main Idea and Supporting Details. We will also discuss how text structure can help us summarize important information. We will also analyze procedural text and create our own "how to" digital book.

HOMEWORK: Read at least 20 minutes per night. Keep track in your agenda. A response will be posted on Tuesday. Please respond in your spiral. Remember to track your reading minutes for Book It! Book It coupons will be distributed in class on December 1st. All minutes must be documented by December 1st!

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies we will analyze the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Key Words

Executive Branch

Judicial Branch


Legislative Branch




Yearbooks are available for purchase on the Norris Website for $22 each.


Effective January 1st, 2016, yearbooks will cost $25 each. Please purchase before the PRICE INCREASE!

Yearbook sales will end on January 31st, 2016.


  • Please let your child's teacher know if they will be going home with another student or going home another way (ex. carpool - walker)
  • We do have pencils on hand for students when they don't have one, but they are dwindling away quickly! Please help remind your student to be prepared with supplies when they come to class.
  • Pine Cove forms and money is due THIS FRIDAY!!

Wish List

  • Paper towels
  • Lysol/Clorox Wipes
  • Pencils
Overdue Books