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Jaiden, Robbie, Hamza


The second you see our shower stall you will fall in love with its exquisite design and its extensive attention to detail. We have beautiful dark brown wood making our hexagonal base, roof and is also used for the back paneling. The front is made out of this stunning frosted glass, adding an element of mystery to our shower. To help relax you while you shower, we have a built in water proof sound system so you can listen to your favorite music while you wash away the day. You can also have some unwinding, captivating, alluring in-scents in your shower to help enhance your shower experience. I'm sure you've heard about how colors have an impact on your mood, well our shower utilizes that idea to give make your shower experience that much better. We have a light system that will change color according to what mood you're and slowly translate to a calming color, this is to ensure you're shower isn't just a plain, boring shower anymore. We have decided to make this shower because we believe that it will greatly impact your day. Most people shower before their day starts and as soon as they step in our shower they will get this feeling of pure bliss and tranquility. We want you to start your day in the best way possible, we want you to be calm, refreshed and ready for the day. Our shower can provide all of those for you, stepping into our shower will transport you to a harmonious, serene place were you can either get your day started right or unwind after a long stressful day at work.


Our stunning shower stall is conveniently priced at $900 - $1400, making this the ideal shower stall for your household.

$900 - The most basic model, no add ons

$1000-$1200 - Options to get the in-scents and frosted glass

$1200 - $1400 - Most high-end model, includes in-scents, frosted glass, sound system and mood lights

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